Online Micro Business Ideas

Online micro business ideas have a massive potential due to automation. Micro businesses can be run by one person but can also be scaled to reach a global audience.

For example, affiliate marketing lets anyone promote and sell digital products online and scale their sales massively with online marketing. Anyone can learn this and with the right business model this can be built up quite qucikly.

Online Micro Business Ideas

online micro business ideas

So what is affiliate marketing? Affiliate marketing lets anyone start their own online ‘micro’ business. You don’t need any staff or even any products of your own. You simply choose digital products to sell and then use advertising and content to drive website traffic to those products.

The reason why affiliate marketing is such a great micro business idea is that you can use online marketing as leverage, rather than paying employees. You can operate an affiliate marketing business from a laptop from anywhere. You can outsource much of your work and use paid advertising to ‘leverage’ your time and generate more sales.

Content marketing lets you generate website traffic from articles, blogs and videos which you create and put online. The traffic builds up from multiple sources of content. You can also use multiple paid advertising methods online to generate multiple sales.

Online Micro Business Ideas – A Sustainable Business Model

Using the right business model can give you a massive advantage too, with an online business. Choose products which pay you again and again for repeat custom. These are products which offer ongoing value such as web hosting, autoresponders or online training and education programs.

A single online product doesn’t sustain itself for the long term unless you continually sell. A different business model uses mutliple income sources from many strategies, to make it sustainable for long term growth. These are things like:

  • High Ticket Comissions
  • Built In Sales Team
  • Monthly Membership Commissions
  • A Range of Higher Value Items To Benefit From (Up-Sells)
  • Multip-tier sales – (Make commissions from sales of your team)

Online Micro Business Ideas – Work From Anywhere

Another benefit of these kinds of online micro business ideas is that you can operate them from anywhere. Work from your laptop around existing obligations, family commitments and priorities. You can also travel while operating an online micro business.

For may people this is the perfect business model. No boss, no 9 to 5 job and work for yourself as you see fit. The ability to scale is also a massive benefit from an online business. With a normal job you trade your time for money. Even in a well paying job you are effectively doing this, no matter the hourly rate. When you stop turning up for work you stop earning. With an online business you can sell products globally and scale up your business, letting tools and technology work to your advantage.

You don’t trade your time for money and you can scale up to reach more and more people, selling multiple product simulataneously.

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online micro business ideas