Lucrative Internet Business Opportunities

What are the most lucrative internet business opportunities? If you’re looking at internet businesses, read this carefully. Not all internet businesses are alike. The most lucrative internet business opportunities have a couple of things in common:

  1. They are scalable
  2. They have multiple income streams

Internet business models like drop shipping and affiliate marketing both have this in common. You can start a website and direct your website traffic to other people’s offers. This has a couple of advantages. Firstly you don’t have to do any ‘selling’. This is all done automatically either by the company you refer traffic to, or by the landing pages and sales pages on your website. You can even set up a ready made sales funnel to send your subscribers through. The key advantage of sending traffic to other people’s offers is that you can concentrate on generating targeted traffic.

Lucrative Internet Business Opportunities – Why Traffic?

So why is traffic so important? Traffic isn’t just traffic. It is real people who are looking for offers just like the ones you choose to promote. Web traffic, particularly ‘buyer traffic’, is people actively seeking to purchase something. This is like currency to online marketers. When you can understand how to send website traffic to the right offers, you can write your own check.

But what about products? Surely you need something to sell in the first place. Yes this is what affilaite marketing or drop shipping can do for you. By choosing the right products and servcies which suit your traffic (or vice verca), you can direct people products around the globe. You don’t have to deliver the product yourself, or even talk to any customers. You simply get paid for the referral of the sale. All this can be done from your laptop from anywhere in the world.

What Products To Sell?

lucrative internet business opportunities

Whatever you decide to sell, you’re going to need the education to learn how to implement a good strategy of advertising. White label websites, affiliate products and drop shipping companies all offer you the ability to ‘piggy back’ their sales model. However, it doesn’t matter how good their sales model is, you still need to promote your website (or one of their landing pages) in order to make any sales. See ready made sales funnel.

This takes some skill. Taking the affiliate marketing model it is better to choose products which offer multiple streams of income. Selling single point of sale products only makes you a single commision, for example. By choosing to sell subscription products, high ticket items and products which reward you again and again for memberships, up-sells and multi-tier sales, you can earn a lot more and build a more stable business much more quickly.

See this business system to access products with high ticket commissions, multi-tier sales (at partner level), subscription products, up-sells and a built in sales team.

How To Attract Customers

lucrative internet business opportunities

Just having a website is no guarantee of success. In fact, unless you promote your website you are likely to attract zero visitors. You can build website traffic by creating content or by paying for adverts. Paying for advertising is the fastest way to build an online business. If you’re looking for lucrative internet business opportunities, and you want to build an online business fast, use paid advertising. Using the above model which includes multiple income strategies, you can quickly build a substantial income from the internet. But you must do it in the right way.

Paid Advertising Strategies

Paid advertising can start from a tiny daily budget. Online marketers who pay out huge amounts every day to advertise, didn’t start there. They started with a tiny budget too. Once they found a profitable strategy which worked, they scaled up their advertising. This is done over time by testing and measuring all aspects of the advertising campaign.

Many online marketers start with a $1 budget. Once they can make $2 for every $1 they spend they are in a position to scale up. If this relationship between spending and earning continues, they can turn up their budget to $1000 a day and earn $2000 . By ‘tweeking’ their campaigns and ‘cross testing’ them with similar adverts with simple minor changes, they can determine which advert and which audience is a best fit from their products or service. Obviously it pays to ‘turn up’ your budget carefully while testing and measuring. You need to determine whether your sale was a ‘one off’ fluke before throwing money at it!

lucrative internet business opportunities

Checkout my ebook The Ultimate Guide To Online Marketing where I share more details of various paid online marketing strategies and platforms. If you’re looking for lucrative internet business opportunites, this is the one skill which can determine your success online. Use this platform (and these products) with your online advertising strategies for maximum success.

Mindset Of An Entrepreneur

You can lead a horse to water but you can’t make it drink! Not everyone has the mindset or natural ability to be an entrepreneur. Even with a well set out formula for success, everyone is different and coming from a different place. Both financially and mentally, we are all wired differently. That’s why in this modular step by step online education platform, both Jay Kubassek and Stuart Ross set about instilling a blueprint for success in the minds of their members.

lucrative internet business opportunities

Unless you are focused on achieving a certain outcome, it may never happen. Often too, our minds are full of contradictory intentions. If we want to lose some weight, for example, out penchant for a ‘tipple’ might take priority. We might not like the gym and prefer the pub! So our desire for comfort outweights our desire to lose weight. So the momentum of our current journey takes us over. Only with some ruthless focus and determination does our situation change. The same is true of lucrative internet business opportunities. They only become lucrative with consistent and persistant effort an determination.

How To Remove ‘Success Blockers’

The best book I have read on this is Stuart Lichtman’s How To Get Lots Of Money For Anything Fast. In it, Stuart Lichtman sets out a strategy which has been proved on NASA scientists to work in 85% of cases:

“I had about 250 people in a three day session in Santa Monica and about 85% of them achieved their seemingly impossible objectives on the first try”

It requires some rewiring of our internet circuits. By getting all parts of our brain in ‘sync’ we can tuen our subsconscious mind to focus on anything we choose.

lucrative internet business opportunities

When we are thinking of our most important goal, in the background of our consciousness, we have aligned our deepest desire with all parts of our brain. Unless we can remove our inner conflicts, they often will serve as ‘success blockers’ to us because of our unconscious ideas around them or subtle self sabotaging thoughts and beliefs. These are often the main things which stop us from achieving in life because “I’m not worth that” or “I don’t really want that”, or “I’ll never achieve that” .

Many negative beliefs around money have sabotaged many people from attaining the life they truly desire. By bringing these to your attention and changing them, you can release negative emotions, barriers and beliefs which previously held you back from success. Grab Stuart Lichtman’s book here.

Lucrative internet business opportunities like this one can be scaled up with paid online advertising. You will also get access to training, live seminars, tools and products to sell. Get Access here.