Online digital marketing courses

There are many online digital marketing courses currently available which can help you to learn how to market your digital and online products and services. The one you choose will largely depend on which one you find first or have recommended to you. This in itself is a mark of good marketing – having a company rank highly in the searches mean they know how to market their products and services therefore they should be good at what they do!

What is digital Marketing?

Digital marketing refers to the marketing of digital products, that is, products which can either be downloaded instantly or are sold through a digital platform. These might include membership websites where access is granted automatically after checking out on an online platform, or even physical products which are sold through a digital (online) platform such as Amazon, Ebay or even a personal website. The marketing itself comes down to promoting and advertising these products and services and this can be done in several ways.


The marketing of digital products can be done in a number of different ways. Products can be advertised through advertising platforms such as Facebook adverts, Solo Ads, Google Adwords or banners placed on various websites directing visitors back to the vendors website. Email lists can also be purchased or even built from scratch on a website – (see the one on the sidebar on the right). SEO or search engine optimization is another popular form of advertising in which content is created and presented in a way such that it ranks highly in Google’s search engine for any particular keyword set or niche. Content marketing is a useful way of bringing potential customers to the marketplace (website) where they can be offered goods and services relating to the content in which they are interested. Marketing digital products and services need not be limited to the cyber world alone of course and there are many instances of off line marketing for many online services. TV commercials, physical banners and leaflets and business cards are just a few examples of what is available outside of the internet for marketing digital products.

Online Digital Marketing Courses

An online digital marketing course will offer exactly that – the marketing of online digital products. The SFM (Six Figure Mentors) are a digital marketing company offering extensive training and a community of support for digital marketers. They also offer the opportunity to market and promote their training courses. Learn more here.

Jay and Stuart

What do you want out of an online digital marketing course?

The SFM offers an opportunity to free yourself from having a job and using your own digital marketing know-how to market products and services of your choosing to earn commissions. The training you receive can also improve your job prospects and help you in your own personal business marketing – the SFM offers much more than just an ‘online digital marketing diploma’, for example.

Learn more about the SFM and meet it’s two founders Stuart and Jay here.