Off The Shelf Ecommerce Business

If you’re looking for an off the shelf ecommerce business, there’s a few things to consider. Firstly, how are you going to promote your business? Many off the shelf ecommerce business models offer a model which requires free website traffic. For example, any ecommerce model which uses only Google Adsense adverts to generate revenue. Or are you selling products from Amazon? Low cost physical products only pay out low commissions. Checkout the table below for details.

off the shelf ecommerce business

Off The Shelf Ecommerce – Business Model

An off the shelf ecommerce business should offer multiple ways to earn and a solid business system. For example, affiliate products vary in their commissions structure. Many affiliate products only offer low level commissions and only pay you once. By choosing a product structure which gives you ongoing commissions, you’ll be more likely to be able to make profit within the first year.

Ideally you should choose an off the shelf ecommerce business which offers:

  • High ticket commissions – This allows you to generate larger profits more easily and quickly. You can more easily scale up your business and offset advertising costs, enabling you to use paid advertising.
  • Up-sells- Choose an off the shelf ecommerce business which offers commissions on later sales closed after your initial referral; sales closed by a built in sales team which still give you the credit.
  • Multi-level commissions – This refers to commissions made for sales of your team. Depending on your placement in any ecommerce business means you can make more on the back end, from your referrals.
  • Memberships/Subscription commissions – with the right off the shelf ecommerce setup, you can earn ongoing commissions from previous sales. Memberships, software and subscription products allow you to do this. Does your off the shelf ecommerce business allow this?

Off The Shelf Business – What You Get

There are various off the shelf website businesses available. Many of these offer to build a website for you. But what about after that? Do you know how to market your website? You’ll need to learn if you don’t already know this. Does your off the shelf business offer to help you with this? Or, are they simply selling you a website which isn’t going to make any money?

Marketing your ecommerce business is probably the most important part of your business, besides the business model itself. Don’t expect your website to get found in the trillions of websites floating around the internet. You have to promote it, or you’ll never get any traffic.

An off the shelf ecommerce website is often sold as an automated business which lets you put your feet up and watch as the money rolls in. However, this isn’t the full story. You definitely want automation in your business model and a sound business system to give you multiple ways to earn from it. But you also need to realistically look at how you’re going to market your website, and how your business model effects this.

Off The Shelf Ecommerce Business – Website

An off the shelf ecommerce business can be set up very quickly with both a website and a ready made sales funnel.├é┬áCheckout the video below by clicking the image. You’ll see just how quickly you can have a website (and business system), set up and running.

off the shelf ecommerce business

Off The Shelf Ecommerce Website

As you can see, most of the technical aspect of building a website has been removed. This means that anyone can learn how to build an online business without the need for massive technical knowledge. With this business system and education platform, you can also learn all aspects of marketing for your website and integrated sales funnel.

Access the full video series here and learn how to use this business system and what you’ll need to do.

Off The Shelf Ecommerce Business – Marketing

Unless you’re spending several thousands on a pre built money making website, you’ll need to market your website yourself. Even though there is a fully set up and working digital business (access here), you’ll still need to generate traffic to it, in order for it to generate any income. You can also learn how to do this with this same ‘all in one’ digital business system and training platform.

Marketing a website can be done in several ways. According to your preferences and situation you can take one of two routes, or use a bit of both:

  • Paid advertising
  • Free Content Generation

Paid advertising is the fastest method of generating traction in your ecommerce business. That’s why you need a business model which pays out the larger amounts if you want to go this route. Free advertising takes time and effort. It can’t be scaled like paid strategies can either. If you can get free traffic, that’s great. But it will depend on your particular business niche, and your ability to create useful content.

You can can access both my ebooks on the subject by signing up to the email series.

off the shelf ecommerce businessoff the shelf ecommerce business

Off The Shelf Ecommerce – Summary

So before you rush in, make sure you know a little first about the business model you’re purchasing. Does your off the shelf business let you use paid advertising? If your business model offers high ticket products, subscriptions, back end sales and multi-tier commissions, you’ll be able to use paid advertising which is scalable.

Having an ecommerce business which relies on your building free traffic can take a huge amount of time and effort. Is that what you want for your business? Ultimately an off the shelf ecommerce should have the ability to help you generate more time and financial freedom. You’ll need to learn all aspects of online marketing and how your marketing should fit depending on your business model and particular niche.

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