Unusual Jobs That Pay Well

Are you looking for unusual jobs that pay well? Here are two slightly unusual jobs that can pay extremely well, however keep in mind that you can’t simply walk into these jobs and immediately earn the top wages. It takes a lot of work before you can even start to earn from these kinds of jobs.

Unusual Jobs that pay well #1 – Stuntman

In 1998 I met a stuntman who had worked on James Bond Tomorrow Never Dies – getting a soaking in a sinking ship scene. I was inspired and decided I wanted to do it too! I wrote off to Equity to find out how to become a stuntman. Over the following four years I learned trampolining, SCUBA diving, Fencing, Swimming, Rock climbing and Kung Fu. I also gained work experience on set by doing a variety of jobs such as TV extra, Stand-in and Unit driver – driving actors around during filming of television production.

Vic Armstrong’s “The World’s Greatest Stuntman”

After joining The British Equity Stunt Register I worked as a taxi driver, delivery driver, HGV driver and had a number of other jobs to make ends meet. It wasn’t until 2 years later when I actually got a stunt job! Many stunt performers have other jobs and some leave the industry entirely. Only a few actually work continuously. If you’re interested in becoming a stunt performer in the UK you will need to become proficient in a number of skills to join The British Stunt Register.

Here are the current rules. Here is my IMDB page. 

Unusual Jobs that pay well #2 – Affiliate Marketer

Due to the nature of the film industry I was often ‘in between’ jobs and so I had plenty of part time and temporary jobs. I also was attempting to run an online business of sorts and I started out buying and selling on e-bay. After a while and a lot of research I turned to affiliate marketing as a means to earn from the internet. Affiliate marketing ticked all the boxes in so far as it was a completely flexible job I could operate around the film work. There were no issues when I got some stunt work like there had been with regular employment – there was no-one to let down! I could pick it up and drop it whenever it suited and do it around other work.

unusual jobs that pay well

Affiliate marketers are self employed and earn money by referring people to products online. Here’s anther example of unusual jobs that pay well.  Anyone can be an affiliate marketer just by learning some key skills. Here’s a course which teaches affiliate marketing and which I am affiliated to. If someone purchases this course I make a commission based on the sale. Affiliates can promote many things online and are not restricted to promoting courses. Here’s another example of an affiliate product from which I can earn a commission through a sale:

Commissions from products like this book are fairly small but some products offer their affiliates up to 40% of the sale value. It is products like these which can make affiliate marketing an unusual job that pays extremely well for those who become successful at it!

How Do Affiliates Sell These Products? 

You can learn more about affiliate marketing and how the top affiliates earn so much with this video series. Affiliates sell products in a number of ways but the top earners always build a list of subscribers and regularly email their list. By building a huge list of subscribers, regularly offering value and promoting affiliate products, top affiliates can sell multiple items (at 40% commission) through a single email sent out to their subscribers. Top affiliates have lists numbering over 10,000 emails.

What Are The Products They Sell?

Affiliates can sell almost anything. However top affiliates have learned that by selling high ticket items, memberships to online platforms and digital information (which can be accessed automatically), they can make monthly residual income from each sale – potentially for years to come. Of course this relies on people maintaining their membership to an online platform. Top affiliates also promote things like hosting for websites, which can allow them to make monthly residual income for the lifetime of a client.

Although affiliate marketing is a great example of ‘unusual jobs that pay well‘, as with other top paid jobs it is only the top affiliates who get the highest earnings. For the few who make it to the highest earners, there are many who don’t get past the start line!

Learn more about how to become a successful affiliate marketer here. 

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