Niche Ecommerce Sites

Niche ecommerce sites can sell literally anything. The more ‘niche’ a website is, the better chance it has of being a success. There has to be customers of course, but there’s many niche websites which are far too competitive to consider. The top niche topics sites are health, wealth and romance. These kinds of ‘evergreen’ products always sell. There’s a tonne of buying ‘traffic’ for these niches. The problem is, there’s also a tonne of competition too.

The rise in niche ecommerce sites is the result of the growth of online shopping. Never before has it been easier to buy something and have it sent to your doorstep. It’s quicker and easier than trailing around the shops looking for that item that you probably wouldn’t bother getting otherwise! It’s also cheaper. Online shopping offers the ability to buy from anywhere globally and it is much cheaper to post something from the other side of the world which is sitting in a warehouse, than to keep it in a high street shop on the off chance that someone might stroll by and purchase it.

Niche Ecommerce Sites – The Rise In Ecommerce

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This growing trend of the online shopper has forced ‘bricks and mortar’ businesses to extend their retail outlets into the digital world. For some it is the only way they will survive. Many stores have closed due to their inability to compete with the accessibility and ease of purchase from online stores. Growth in ecommerce has also given rise to the affiliate business – a digital shop selling only digital products and services which can be accessed online.

Niche Ecommerce Sites – The Lifestyle Business Model

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Niche ecommerce sites are used by affiliate marketers because of the lifestyle choice it gives them. A digital business model allows customers to browse a website and purchase products. There is no shop owner putting in the 60 hour week. There is no need for a team of staff to run things in the background. The are low overheads and no rent with a digital online business. Your business, once set up can run 24 hours a day and 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Automation makes the products easily accessible so you can sell and deliver without having to personally be there!

Niche Ecommerce Sites – Rise In Lifestyle Businesses

A lifestyle business model has all the benefits of a flexible lifestyle. You can work from a laptop from anywhere globally and reach a global audience with digital products and services which you don’t have to personally create or deliver. You don’t even need to speak to any customers. It can all be set up on autopilot. See autopilot money making system.

Niche Ecommerce Sites – Best Business Model For A Niche Site

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Niche sites can be built around certain keywords. Those keywords can help rank the site on Google. See Niche Blogging For Profit and keyword research for niche sites. However, it can be very tricky to find an untapped niche which relates to a desirable product.

Building a niche site from scratch and targeting keywords is an old tactic. Google has long since banished many a niche site marketer from its search results for having thin, low value websites. Trying to get traffic from Google takes time and is risky. In addition you need a good business model which works. Also, tagging your site with a few affiliate banners just won’t stand the test of time when it comes to making your niche site profitable, however much traffic you have to it.

Prerequisites For A Profitable Niche Ecommerce Site

niche ecommerce sites

So what is needed to make an ecommerce website successful? Which model should you start with? Ideally you will have a range of products and not just one. Having only a single product on your niche site will only build a small revenue. You will also be continually looking for new customers.

A good business model takes into account the fact that your existing customers are your best source of sales. They are much more likely to buy from you than anyone else if you have a range of products. Choose digital products which offer:

  • A continual range of products and services after the initial sale
  • Built in sales team
  • Monthly commissions – Subscriptions offer the best model for ecommerce businesses
  • High Ticket Sales – High ticket products give a greater return meaning more flexibility for paid advertising and a larger profit margin per sale.

Access training, tools, mentors and a community of online entrepreneurs. Build a profitable niche ecommerce site from scratch using this proven business model.