Career Change Ideas At 40

Are you looking to change career at 40? Many 40 years old’s feel stuck in their careers due to financial pressure and family commitments but this shouldn’t stop you from looking for new ways to earn a living and enjoy life. There are ways around the obvious financial problems associated with changing career later in life. Some training courses offer bursary’s towards your training costs, particularly if the job role is is high demand. Check Google for government funded training and bursary training.

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Working a part time business

Many over 40’s are now discovering how they can earn and learn while building an internet business from scratch. You can develop skills around existing employment with an online business and training is available to suit your calendar. Learn more here.

Build a business around your passion

If you have a hobby you can turn it into an online business. Many hobbyists build blogs around their hobby and create a following online. From here they can develop their own downloadable products, online tutorials, videos and e-books. Although this takes time to build up you could have a monetized blog earning you money 24/7 – particularly if your specific interest is in an untapped niche. By building a list of subscribers you can generate a potentially  huge income over time from doing this. Learn about list building here.

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How else can you monetize your skills? 

Think about your particular skill set. Can you use them in another industry or even to set out on your own? If you have been an employee in a company can you take those skills and build your own company with them? Think about what you would really like to do and don’t limit yourself by your previous actions and work habits.

Affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing allows anyone to build an income online without having to speak to any customers or even deal with any products directly. You can work anywhere with an internet connection with a laptop. If you don’t have a specific interest or field of expertise you can sell other people’s products online – affiliate marketing. This is done through advertising, websites, blogging, article marketing, video creation and various other online and offline methods. The exciting thing about affiliate marketing is the freedom it can give you and the earning potential which is unlimited. Anyone can market products to a global audience and earn commissions on those products, even if they don’t own them personally.

Never stop learning

Get an online education and never work for anyone ever again!

For many over 40’s, working for themselves is a strong enough motivation to overcome their fears, laziness and uncertainty about a new career path. Building an online business is not a quick path to easy money. Many try and fail to build their own online businesses.

Stuart Ross and Jay Kubassek have put together a comprehensive and systematic educational platform which has seen successes time and again through using their system and although some give up before they achieve a long term sustainable income, the system has proven itself to work with those that persevere long and hard enough with the steps laid out to achieve it.

You can get access to Stuart and Jay’s online education here. Start with the FREE VIDEO SERIES.