Find a job you love and never work again quote…

You’ve probably heard the ‘Find a job you love and you’ll never work again quote’. This is certainly true if you find a job in the entertainment industry! Many actors seldom work and as an Equity registered stuntman, I have had a fair share of ‘resting’ too! But the real meaning of the quote of course is that if you love your job – it doesn’t feel like work! What makes ‘work’ really painful, is that, if money wasn’t involved, you wouldn’t be doing it. Would you still do your job for free if money wasn’t an issue? Most people would answer no, and if you’re in the minority who answer ‘yes’, consider yourself very lucky to have found your calling. Working in a job you are passionate about takes away the effort and struggle of doing a job ‘just for the money’.

jobs that involve travel

However finding a job you are passionate about is not easy. How will you know you are passionate about it if you have never done it before? Often, the motivating factor in a ‘dream’ job is the idea behind it. What really drives you? What are you really passionate about? If you can find the answer to this question, you are half way to discovering what a dream job is for you. For me, I like to have something to strive towards – an end goal. Something which ultimately allows me to live more freely with greater flexibility. This is a ‘lifestyle’ goal. Having a long term goal can often help determine what kind of ‘job’ you want.

Careers lessons

The ‘careers’ lessons I had at school were particularly depressing! We were all pretty much told to get out our ‘careers’ books, look to the pages which covered the lesson we enjoyed most and pick a career out of the 10 that were on offer! My best lessons at the time were Maths and Physics so I ended up looking at careers in Mechanical and Electrical Engineering. Our lives were being planned out by our teacher who was telling us that we would go to University, maybe plan a ‘year out’ before cracking on with the rest of our ‘career’ because that would be the last chance to do so. Presumably because by then we would have a family and be chained into our careers and lack the freedom and flexibility to travel again for any length of time – until perhaps retirement, or death, whichever came first! I remember thinking at the time ‘This wasn’t the kind of life I was going to have’. Needless to say I didn’t follow a career in Engineering, much to the dismay of my family.

By the time I realized how important a career was for earning money I was in my 30’s! I had tried several jobs and mini ‘careers’ but nothing I really stuck with. I was working on and off as a stunt performer when I began looking to the internet as a solution to my fluctuating income. This I had decided, met my needs!

The internet provides a means to allow a completely flexible income source which was not possible during the careers advice at school or even 10 years ago! My indecisive work approach had taken its toll and I was ready to find a reliable source of income, however I had become accustomed to my freedom and flexibility and working for myself. I had had a few bosses over the years and several short term jobs, none of which really appealed in the long term. What I wanted was the ability to make money from the internet in a completely autonomous way. This would allow me the freedom and flexibility to live without a boss, work when and where I chose, and build my business around my lifestyle, and not the other way around.

Finding what is important for you, will help in determining what works for you. You need to list your why’s. Here’s my list of ‘why’s’ for running an internet business.

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