Opportunity Seeker

Are you an opportunity seeker, or looking to recruit opportunity seekers to your list? Opportunity seekers look for something different. They see opportunities where many don’t. Rather than looking for comfort and safety in employment, opportunity seekers, like entrepreneurs, would rather take some risk for something better.

Opportunity Seeker

opportunity seekers

Many people simply look for the safety and security of employment. Opportunity seekers and entrepreneurs look for something else, something different. They look for a bigger opportunity. Perhaps to be their own boss, elevate their income potential and be more in charge of their own circumstances.

An opportunity seeker isn’t necessarily an entrepreneur either. Entrepreneurs take risks and create things, they think outside of the box. Opportunity seekers are open minded and looking for something different. An opportunity can be many things but here we are talking about business opportunities.

Opportunity Seekers Mailing List

opportunity seeker

Join an opportunity seekers mailing list by signing up on my website. You will access a video series which will explain how to build your own internet based business and earn money from the internet.

Opportunity seekers mailing lists can also be bought from various companies. Entrepreneurs and business owners use mailing lists to communicate and build a customer base for their products and services. If you have a business which you can build, having a website with an email opt-in is one of the best ways to build your list of opportunity seekers.

Business Opportunity Seekers

Business opportunity seekers can subscribe to email lists to receive information about opportunities and businesses which they themselves can benefit from. Learn more about how you can build an online business from your laptop with this video series. Business opportunity seekers can be found both with advertising, purchasing lists or building your own list with online advertising methods.

Many business owners use emails to build lists of subscribers and deliver content on a daily basis. They can then sell various products and services through those lists to their subscribers. The bigger their list gets, and the better the quality of their list, the more chance they have of selling products and services. They must also provide value to their subscribers of course to build a relationship with them.

Opportunity Seeker Leads

opportunity seeker

There are several ways to generate leads of opportunity seekers if you want to target business opportunity seekers. Here are just a few methods for generating opportunity seeker leads:

  1. Create an opt-in on your website to collect their details.
  2. Promote a landing page through online advertising
  3. Advertise for opportunity seeker in the local paper
  4. Buy a list of opportunity seekers from a list broker
  5. Advertise online with Facebook, Adwords, Linkedin, Bing or Yahoo advertising.
  6. Send visitors to a landing page and collect their email addresses for some desirable benefit.
  7. Telemarketing leads

Telemarketing Leads

Telemarketing also known as telesales is a direct marketing method in which the salesperson finds prospective customers and sells to them either over a sales call or by arranging a web conference, or even a house call, from which selling is then the goal. Various companies offer the service of cold calling customers in order to turn them into prospective leads for your business.

This is one of many tools which you can employ to generate leads for your business.

opportunity seeker

Mailing List Opportunity Seekers

Once you have built a mailing list for opportunity seekers you need to give them something of value. If you have a business model which they can use then you can promote it through your emails. However, you need to provide value and give something first before you can expect to sell anything to your list.

A mailing list of opportunity seekers can bring you a large profit but only if you use it wisely. Many online marketers make the mistake of selling too early. Instead, offer value consistently and build a relationship with your subscribers.

Once you have the email or even postal address of an opportunity seeker you can build a relationship and potentially sell to them for months, years and even over decades.

Network Marketing Opportunity Seekers

network marketing opportunity seeking

Network marketing opportunity seekers look for companies which offer the ability to scale a business up using other team members whom they have referred. You can do network marketing combined with an internet based business too. Learn more here. If you are a network marketer you can build a list of subscribers through a website and online advertising methods. Automate a series of emails and target advertising at a specific audience with online marketing methods.

Targeted Mailing Lists

Targeting your mailing list to the right potential customers will bring a much more positive result in terms of sign ups and sales. By focusing on your target audience (See why target market is important), you will increase your return on investment.

Targeted mailing lists can be targeted by various criteria. For local businesses there is the obvious geographical location to target. But also with online marketing you can get very specific about your demographic. Choose your audience by age, search criteria (what they are searching for on Google – Adwords), age, sex, interests and a number of other topics.

Opportunity Seekers Mailing List Free

Create your own mailing list for free with a targeted website which collects people’s email addresses. The opportunity seekers niche is quite a competitive one however and so this could take some time. Better to pay for advertising and build a list that way than spend a lot of time and effort creating content on a blog to attract visitors.

You can also compile your own mailing list from phone books and by searching the internet for details of those within your target audience. Again the information is more limited when looking for yourself. It is well worth investing in an opportunity seekers mailing list because the owner of the list will have done the ‘leg work’ in finding that specific audience. However, all lists are not the same so it’s worth checking how legitimate your list provider is and how current and active their members are.