Napoleon Hill Law Of Success PDF

Napoleon Hill Law Of Success PDF

Napoleon Hill Law Of Success PDF download here.

Napoleon Hill also wrote Think and Grow shortly after (in 1937) writing The Law Of Success (1928).

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Napoleon hill law of success pdf

Napoleon Hill Law Of Success

In 1908 Napoleon Hill had an assignment to interview the industrialist and philanthropist Andrew Carnegie. He later wrote that this was the turning point in his life. Carnegie commissioned Hill to interview wealthy, successful people and discover a simple formula for success. He interviewed over 100 American millionaires including Henry Ford, Alexander Graham Bell and Thomas Edison. Acknowledgements in his book mention 45 of those he interviewed.

Hill’s multi lesson study course The Law Of Success is offered as a formula for success following 20 years of studying successful people.

If you truly desire money so keenly that your desire is an obsession, you will have no difficulty in convincing yourself that you will acquire it. The object is to want money, and to be so determined to have it that you convince yourself that you will have it. . . You may as well know, right here, that you can never have riches in great quantities unless you work yourself into a white heat of desire for money, and actually believe you will possess it.” – Napoleon Hill

Napoleon Hill Law Of Success PDF

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Napoleon Hill The Law Of Success PDF
Download Napoleon Hill’s Law Of Success PDF

Napoleon Hill’s Law Of Success is divided into 16 lessons:

  1. A Definite Purpose – By fixing your mind on a well conceived plan of work you can avoid a huge amount of wasted effort.
  2. Self-Confidence – Master the 6 basic fears which stand  in the way of a positive life.
  3. Initiative and Leadership – Developing the qualities of leadership will put you at the top of any industry and give you the self reliance you need to direct your life progressively.
  4. Imagination – Will help to stimulate your mind and develop new ways to realize your plans
  5. Action – Without definite action all the theory is irrelevant
  6. Enthusiasm – Will help you to saturate yourself in an idea and enthuse others.
  7. Self-Control – Directing enthusiasm in the right moments and towards the right actions
  8. Habit Of Performing More Service Than Paid For – The law of increasing returns will ensue for those who practice giving more than the required amount.
  9. Attractive Personality – Getting on with people is a powerful strategy of leaders. Part of this is having an attractive personality.
  10. Accurate Thought – Being specific about what is fact and what is delusional thought and prejudice based on envy or hatred. Basing thoughts on concrete facts and not hearsay or mere ‘beliefs’.
  11. Concentration – Focusing attention on one topic at a time until the subject is mastered and acted upon successfully.
  12. Tolerance – Avoiding the effects of racial and religious prejudices and getting caught up in pointless debate and argument.
  13. Failure – Knowing the difference between failure and temporary defeat will help you stay focused on the goal. Avoid pessimism and giving up by learning from your own past temporary defeats.
  14. Cooperation – Learning the value of team work.
  15. Habit of Saving – Teaching your the value of saving money
  16. The Golden Rule – Create harmonious cooperation from any individual or group of individuals.

Napoleon Hill’s Law Of Success

Napoleon Hill The Law Of Success PDF

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