Millionaire Mentor Group

If you’re looking for a millionaire mentor group, you need to join the SFM. The Six Figure Mentors is a digital business system and training program for online entrepreneurs. It also offers an online community of people who are building online businesses.

You can access a 7 day video series here to learn more and access the group. Stuart Ross and Jay Kubassek founded the SFM to help teach others how they were able to build online businesses and become online millionaires. By following a simple online business system, anyone can learn how to build a scalable income source from the internet.

Millionaire Mentor Group

The Six Figure Mentors is an online training platform which offers training and education for online marketers and business owners. You can start an online business from scratch by using a simple business system included in the platform. Or, you can use this same training and education platform to improve your knowledge and grow your own business, using the digital marketing strategies taught through the platform and online community.

The Six Figure Mentors offer a kind of ‘business in a box’, if you like! It’s all you’ll ever need to start a fully functional online business from anywhere. The need for technical know-how has been largely removed too with the software packages available through the program. Take a look at the video below (by clicking the image).

Millionaire Mentor Group – The Online Community

The online community which Jay and Stuart have built means that anyone can benefit from the knowledge of others who have already built online businesses and had success. One of the main problems with attempting to build an online business on your own is lack of knowledge and making bad decisions. The online community allows anyone to learn from scratch and follow the various online seminars, webinars and even attend live events which are held around the world by the founders themselves. Here’s a picture of me with Jay Kubassek on of the founders at SFM at a London training event.

millionaire mentor group

One of the main problems I had, before I found this community, was the overwhelming and often conflicting information I found on the internet about how to build a successful online business. Even with a solid foundation, it’s easy to float off track and end up doing things which are unproductive and which don’t move your business forwards. Or, doubting what you have learned and always looking for an alternative direction. This is what’s known as ‘shiny object syndrome’! Take a look at my article 23 affiliate mistakes newbie affiliate should avoid.

Millionaire Mentor Group – Disclaimer

Although the Six Figure Mentors coach people how to build an online business, it’s important to realise that not everyone’s results will be the same. No earnings are guaranteed. Your results will depend on your ability to learn and implement the strategies within the training program. This is a genuine business and with all businesses there is an element of risk.

Many people just aren’t suited to entrepreneurial life. Affiliate marketing offers anyone the ability to build and grow an income from the internet. Income for affiliate marketers is performance related, which means that they will often work for a long time before they see any results. Don’t expect to achieve miraculous results for no work.

That being said, affiliate marketing also offers the ability to build income which is automated and scalable. Most people trade their time for money. An online business is different because it allows you to build systems and make sales which can be automated. Take a look at how this can be done.

Millionaire Mentor Group – A Scalable Online Business

millionaire mentor group

A scalable online business is possible because of the systems within it. Trading time for money is a broken system. Most people are unhappy in their work, and trapped by their need for income. An internet business gives people the opportunity to break free of this trap. By setting up systems and platforms which can automate online sales, anyone can now use the internet to build a sustainable and growing income. However, there’s plenty to be done before this is a reality. See autopilot money making system.

When I started looking for ways to make money online, I realised the huge potential because of the automation and global reach. I started looking at eBay for business ideas but later realised that automation was the answer. If your business is automated, it can be easily scaled up to reach a larger audience. This idea led me to start learning affiliate marketing and ultimately to this millionaire mentor group – The SFM.

There’s a few reasons why this business system is far better than anything else I tried beforehand. When i first started learning affiliate marketing I learned to sell a single affiliate product. it paid me a single commission. Physical products paid much less than their digital counterparts. So I began to focus on digital product sales.

Millionaire Mentor Group – High Ticket Sales & Subscriptions

millionaire mentor group

My ability to choose the right products and generate traffic was the main cause of my frustration. I later realised that having a good business model was one of the most important factors. My previous attempts at affiliate marketing led me to focus on the wrong kind of products. I used products which only paid me once. Wise affiliates use products which pay them again and again. Even if they make one sale, they continue to get income in the form of subscriptions.

Subscription products include things like memberships and software products. Hosting providers and auto-responders have subscription affiliate programs. They pay you over and over for sending them loyal customers.

High ticket products are another game changer for affiliate marketers. The right products make the difference, just like the right methods will bring results much faster than the wrong ones. High ticket products let you earn more per sale than many sales of a lower value. This means you can more easily scale up your business and offset any advertising costs.