Why mindset is the most important thing in an online business

When starting an online business there are many things to consider and the running of your business has many different components. However, an internet business is different from other businesses and often it is simply you on your own – no staff, no co-workers. The limit of your business is really your own limitations in terms of your mentality. If you get dismayed and disillusioned with your business, you lack the drive to carry on and your business suffers. Often there will be no-one supporting you to move forwards except for you and your inner drive. People will often try to dissuade you from even having an online business and this can further distract you from your goals.

Mindset is everything

Once you lose your motivation for your online business it is hard to move forwards. Your once ‘dream job’ working from home or anywhere in the world becomes a bind and you struggle to achieve results. You question whether you should be doing it and look for alternatives. Rather than moving forwards with your online business you become frustrated and indifferent, wondering if it was too lofty a dream. This can happen when you are working on your own and it illustrates why mindset is so important. Once you get into this state how productive do you think you will be?

We can often get caught up in the details of the business without focusing on ourselves and keeping our spirits high and our mindset focused. When this happens it is time to focus on the problem – you and your belief. Work on the person and not just the business. Look at your business and yourself as potential rather than simply looking for the results. Look at your activities rather than for results. Don’t blame the business and take full responsibility.

Looking for results often means we are looking for some acknowledgement that our business is working. This can be because we lack the belief in our business or ourselves and the drive to move it forwards. We look at our poor results and re-enforce our limiting beliefs about the business. Our efforts reflect our lack of belief and we ‘struggle’ to move forwards. We look again for results which are not there, and this reflects on the amount of effort which we are prepared to put in. It becomes a self fulfilling prophecy and the route cause is our lack of belief. We need to go back and remind ourselves at this point why we are working on an internet business. We need to develop the owner not the business.

Once you can acknowledge when you are getting into a negative state of mind, you can readjust your activities and take appropriate action. It may be that your activities are not moving your business forwards or that you are doing the same things over and over again which are not giving you any results. Go back and write down your goals. Write down your reasons for owning your own internet business. Visit the places you would like to live and create some inspiration to move towards. Set a lofty goal which if you would achieve it, it would blow your mind! Get outside of your comfort zones. Get uncomfortable. This is the fuel of your business – your drive and your mindset. Keeping in a positive ‘state’ will dramatically improve your results so becoming more aware of your state is an important part of working for yourself.

If you haven’t already checked out the SFM boot camp series you can click here for a free series of videos which show you how to build an internet business from the ground up. Jay and Stuart are passionate about this course and it covers a huge amount of mindset material. Even if you already have an internet business the material on mindset alone will dramatically improve your results.