Top Money Making Affiliate Programs

So what are the top money making affiliate programs? There are so many affiliate programs out there, it can be a bit difficult choosing the right one for you. Affiliate programs allow anyone to point a link to a product and earn commissions based on the sale of that product. You do need, however to choose a product which has already proven itself. Trying to sell a product which hasn’t been tested or hasn’t been on the market for very long can be risky. It takes time to build content and get visitors to your website. Why would you want to risk sending them to a bad product?

Many of the people teaching affiliate selling online choose their products by selecting those which are already proving themselves. I have never seen anyone yet advise an affiliate to promote an item on Clickbank which has no previous sales.

Top Money Making Affiliate Programs – Best Affiliate Model

top money making affiliate programs

What else have the top money making affiliate programs got going for them? I’ve mentioned already that the top programs have already made money for their affiliates. They have already proven themselves. Here are a few other things to consider when looking for the top money making affiliate programs:

  • The best programs sell a monthly membership – By selling membership programs you make a commission each month rather than just a ‘one off’ sale.
  • Top money making affiliate programs have sell high ticket items – By making a larger commission on a sale you can make more money for the same work (all things being equal). Provided you target the right audience with your content, you stand to earn more for each action you take in your affiliate business. (see why target market is important)
  • Top programs have a built in sales team – You don’t have to do the selling and you can take advantage of an in-house team of sales people to do the up-selling in your affiliate business.
  • Top money making affiliate programs have an up-sell – Up-selling is simply offering more expensive (and more valuable) products and services within your original product.

Top Money Making Affiliate Programs – Problems


top money making affiliate programs
Not this type of traffic

To make money as an affiliate you still need to sell products. No matter how good your products are, if you can’t get people in front of them, they won’t sell. There are a lot of ‘affiliate marketers’ who don’t succeed with their online businesses. The problem isn’t their affiliate products. It is traffic, or rather the lack of it that is the problem. Targeted traffic to be more specific.

Follow Your Passion

When starting out in your affiliate business it’s worth asking what your interest is besides the money. Choosing the right affiliate program which suits your interests can mean you can blog and write about something which you are passionate about for potentially years to come. Writing about something of which you know nothing is tedious and isn’t sustainable for the long term. You can of course just promote affiliate products with paid advertising.

Learn How to Become a Successful Affiliate

Becoming a successful affiliate marketer isn’t only about choosing the right products and services to market. It is also about getting the right education and to continue developing yourself as you grow your business. Get the right education from the start and you will save a whole heap of time. Access this video series which will explain more about how you can become a successful affiliate marketer.