Most Profitable Items To Sell Online

What are the most profitable items to sell online? Anyone can now sell any number of things over the internet, even if they don’t personally own them. The model is known as affiliate marketing. Amazon is the most well known and largest affiliate program on the internet. Anyone can join Amazon and start promoting products from the site for commissions. But these products are not the most profitable items to sell online. Amazon only pays a low commission rate to its affiliate marketers. Checkout the rates below which are correct at the time of writing this article:

most profitable items to sell online

Most Profitable Items To Sell Online

As you can see, the percentage value which affiliates make is from 1-10% of the value of an item. Obviously, higher priced items are more profitable. However, digital products pay out 40% commissions. That means that even smaller valued digital products will pay out more than larger physical items. A $1000 product on Amazon will only pay out $100 at the most to its affiliates. Whereas a $250 digital product will pay out the same amount.

Most Profitable Items To Sell Online –  Digital Products

Digital products offer some of the most profitable items to sell online. Digital products have low costs. They don’t have postage or storage costs involved. They only need to be manufactured once, too. Once they are made, they can be sold again and again. This means affiliates of digital products can earn a larger slice of the profits. Digital products are easy to buy too. They can be instantly accessed over the internet and this makes them perfectly placed for automation and global reach. With the right digital products you can sell them to anyone, anywhere and at any time – all on autopilot.

Different Types Of Digital Products

Digital products vary too both in price and in what they offer. There’s literally thousands of digital products available on the internet. Just take a look at to see how many there are, just on that site alone.

most profitable items to sell online

Most Profitable Items To Sell Online – High Paying Affiliate Programs

Most of the products you’ll find on Clickbank are valued at around $100. That means you’ll earn $40 per sale. You obviously need to sell them first too!  More on that later. Checkout my highest paying affiliate programs list. Here you’ll find products which sell for upwards of $1000 each. That means a commission of $400 on a single sale. Products even range up to $20,000+ with some of these programs. That means you can earn $8000 for a single sale. For many of the top tier programs you will need to position yourself in the business first in order to make this kind of commission.

You can access a program here which offers this kind of commission within a product range.

Most Profitable Items To Sell Online – The Benefits Of A Product Range

A product range or ‘suite’ offers multiple ways to earn through an automated sales funnel. Unlike selling a single product from Clickbank, for example, a product ‘suite’ offers multiple products within a range. With each product you can earn commissions but you only need to refer a customer to the initial product in order to benefit from later purchases that are made by that particular customer. A product range offers your customers added benefits for each later purchase they make. Not everyone will want every product your sales funnel has to offer. But, by having a product range, you can offer more value to customers who want added benefits. 

A product range can give you commissions based on:

  • High ticket products – Products ranging from $1000-$30,000 offering commissions of 40%
  • Up-sells – later sales sold to existing customers by a built in sales team
  • Subscription products – memberships and software which offer ongoing value only need to be sold once to earn continual commissions
  • Multi-tier sales – According to your positioning in a business system, you can earn commissions based on the sales made by your ‘team’, (or previously referred customers).

Most Profitable Items To Sell Online – Marketing

Of course even with the most profitable items to sell online, you still need to actually make sales in order to earn commissions. That’s where marketing comes in. With a ready made sales funnel which offers all of the above benefits, you simply need to send people into your funnel. That means sending them to a landing page where they opt-in to your sales funnel. This is usually done by offering something of value to your website visitor. 

Once they are in your sales funnel, you can offer them value through a series of emails which can be automated. Emails should offer value, build relationships, inform, entertain and help your subscribers to understand the value in your product/s.

Without a proper marketing engine, even the best and most profitable items to sell online, will fall flat. Marketing is the ‘heartbeat’ of your internet business. Without it, you won’t make any sales, even with the best sales funnel in the world!

There’s two main strategies when it comes to marketing your sales funnel. Firstly paid advertising offers the best and quickest way to market your online business. Secondly, you can use content marketing to build traffic to your website for free. Checkout the ebooks below to learn either or both of these strategies.

most profitable items to sell onlinemost profitable items to sell online