Most Profitable Affiliate Marketing Programs

What are the most profitable affiliate marketing programs? All affiliate marketing programs are not equal. Also, not all affiliate marketers can achieve the same results. So the ‘end result’ of an affiliate marketers success is down not only to the program but also their ability to use a successful strategy in order to make sales. So two key factors in terms of an affiliate’s success are the program/s they choose and their online education. There are of course some affiliates who ‘just get it’ straight away and go on to do very well. Others struggle for years before they see any results and many quit! More on ‘end result’ later..

Most Profitable Affiliate Marketing Programs

For those who pursue affiliate marketing with a passion and stick to it, there are great rewards. Particularly for those who choose the most profitable affiliate marketing programs. Programs, for example, which offer monthly affiliate commissions (subscription products), pay better over the long term. Subscriptions pay over and over again month after month.

So if you’re an affilaite marketer you should choose affiliate products which offer monthly subscriptions. However, saying, that you should also follow a strategy which lines up with your ethos, strengths and interests. If you’re attempting to blog about something you have no interest or clue about, in order to sell subscriptions products you don’t believe in, you might be better off doing something else.

Most Profitable Affilaite Marketing Programs – Following Your Passion

most profitable affiliate marketing programs

Following your passion in an affiliate marketing business is key. You might even be better off financially doing something which you love too, for a number of reasons.

Firstly if you’re blogging about something you don’t know about, it will come accross that way. Similarly, if you blog about something which you’re not passionate about, that comes accross too. But we’re getting a little off track here surely? After all, this post is called “most profitable affiliate marketing programs”. Surely it’s not about doing something you love?!

Plus there many ways to skin a cat too. You don’t have to blog. Some of the most successful affilaites don’t blog. They create adverts and scale up their businesses. However you promote your affiliate business you must have the determination to see it through. Top earning affiliates have ‘toughed it out’ and weren’t always on top. You need to remember this as you’re working away, particaularly if you’re a beginner. Don’t give up there’s huge rewards for those who see it though and grow continually with their business.

So What Makes A Profitable Business Model In Affilaite Marketing?

So, enough of the airy fairy”loving what you do” stuff. Let’s get down to brass tacks here! Yes, ideally you can pursue a meaningful affiliate business which you love, otherwise it’s just another ‘have to’ surely?! That aside let’s concentrate on the most profitable affiliate marketing programs. As I mentioned earlier the most profitable affilaite programs have subscriptions. Subscriptions give your business financial stability.

Subscriptions & Up-Sells

For each sale you make you also earn an income. This is far better than continually chasing sales over and over. In addition, the most proitable affilaite programs also pay you for later sales made by the company. This is known as an up-sell. Up-sells are basically higher value products which are sold to existing customers. If you choose affilaite products which have up-sells, make sure you also get commissions on them. Many companies take their customers from affilaite marketers, and go on to make regular sales again and again from them. However, not all ‘vendors’ (affilaite business owners) reward their affiliates for these later sales. 

Look at the average store. Most stores/shops make a large proportion of their sales from repeat custom. Why not use this same model for affilaite marketing? It works!

High Ticket Products

most profitable affiliate marketing programs

The most profitable affiliate marketing programs also have high ticket products to offer their affilaites. High ticket products enable the affiliate to earn larger commissions per sale then they would do for smaller value items. This is an obvious winer when it comes to the most profitable affilaite marketing programs. How many sales would you need to make of a $100 product in order to make your internet business replace your job? Probably quite a few on a regular basis.

However, selling a $1000 product gives you a much larger commission. At 40% commission rate that’s $400 compared to $40. It might be a little more difficult to sell the higher value item, but it’s not going to be ten times as difficult. Many of the strategies for selling any digital products online are the same. You’re just targeting a different audience but doing the same things.

More Leverage

Selling high ticket products also gives you much more leverage. You can offset your advertising costs much more easily with a $400 sale than with a $40 sale. You can also scale up to higher earnings much more easily and quickly when using high ticket. Selling anything online takes the same or similar amount of time and effort.

most profitable affiliate marketing programs

Multi-Tier Sales

Some affiliate programs also offer multi-tier sales. This means you can earn another level of commissions based on the sales of your team. This depends on how you position yourself within a company. Multi-tier sales is how top affilaites earn the big bucks. They also work incredibly hard of course to generate leads and make sales in the first place. But once they have built a team, they can generate income from the sales of their team.

Built In Sales Team

The most profitable affilaite marketing programs also have a built in sales team. After your initial referal through the ready made sales funnel, a series of emails takes your subscriber through a range of videos, each one offering further information. Once a subscriber chooses to buy a product from your video series they are taken into an online platform where they are designated a personal coach.

A sales funnel offers a range of products and services which caters to a variety of needs. More value is given for incrementally higher valued items. A built in sales team contacts your subsciber and offers other products and services which may be of interest. This is all done automatically. All you do as an affiliate is send your subscribers through your sales funnel. After the initial sale/referral if further (up-sells) are made, you earn affiliate commissions even when you don’t personally close the sale yourself.  This is great for anyone who doesn’t want to talk directly to customers or “sell” them personally.

The End Results..

I mentioned earlier I would come back to ‘the end results’. It’s worth mentioning that an online business isn’t built overnight and any business worth building is worth doing from the “ground up” with some solid foundations. If you’re ‘trying’ to make money in your online business, it can hold you back from actually achieving it!

Focusing only on the ‘getting of money’ doesn’t necessarily bring it and in many cases will actually stem the flow of money to you. Focusing only on the end result can also mean a lot of frustration and difficulties. You should also enjoy the ride and align your activities with your values, otherwise you won’t be able to keep the momentum going for long enough to succeed.

Jay and Stuart have built a business system and community which strives to help struggling affilaites achieve purpose through building an online business. They have put together a modular strategy which focuses on the core or what makes an affiliate business successful: you!

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