Most Lucrative Online Businesses

What are the most lucrative online businesses? When I started looking to the internet several years ago, I simply wanted to earn some extra cash. I didn’t realise the potential of the internet back then and I started out by buying things on the cheap and selling them on ebay. I later discovered a tactic to find cheap items on ebay itself and sell them on at profit. Here’s the article I wrote explaining the method I used: how to start a profitable ebay business.

Most Lucrative Online Businesses

most lucrative online businesses

But the method is flawed for a simple reason: you can’t scale it. Your time is factored into the model. The most lucrative online businesses are scalable. This is one major factor in finding the most lucrative online businesses. They must be scalable because unless you can ‘scale up’ a business, it will always be limited by the hours in the day and your ability to repeat profitable activities.

A Scalable Business Model

The internet allows anyone to scale a business using paid advertising and content creation. Of course a local business will always be limited by the amount of people willing to travel to it. A global business, however, has the ability to appeal to a worldwide audience. Therefore, the second prerequisite is the ability to reach a global audience. The internet allows you to scale up a business model. But, only to a global audience if you have the ability to sell globally. For many businesses this means added expense. Posting goods abroad adds an extra cost.

Digital Products vs Drop Shipping

Digital products can be sold anywhere around the globe and are incredibly cheap to deliver. A simple downloaded product can be bought instantly from the internet and delivered at near zero cost. Some of the most lucrative online businesses deal in digital products.

Digital products don’t have the same limitations as physcial products. Even in the case of drop shipping businesses, which offer the ability to create a scalable income from a laptop, shipping costs are involved. With digital products there are no shipping costs or storage costs. This makes an internet based business very affordable for most people. With a ‘bricks and mortar’ business there are many more costs involved. With an internet business all you need is the right training and the right products.

Automation – The Most Lucrative Online Businesses

most lucrative online businesses

Both drop shipping and digital products allow a certain amount of automation. Simply send visitors to a website to sell products. Scale up with paid advertising online to reach a global audience. Automation therefore is the third major factor in determining which are the most lucrative online businesses.

A certain amount of automation can enable a business to be scalable. With people in the ‘loop’ there is always limitation. By selling digital products over the internet to a global audience, you can automate the process entirely and scale up with paid advertising. Products are delivered or accessed over the internet and payment is taken through secure online platforms.

The Most Lucrative Business Model

most lucrative online businesses

Digital products come in all shapes and sizes from small ebooks to seminars overseas. Selling an ebook is far different to selling high ticket seminars and franchise opportunities. But which business models have all of these principles in place, and which model is the most lucrative?

Let’s recap some of the features of the most lucrative business models:

  • They must be scalable
  • They must be global – able to easily reach a global audience
  • They can be bought instantly from the internet and delivered cheaply
  • They must have a large amount of automation built in

So, selling a simple digital product would seem to be a lucrative business model given these criteria. Not really! Selling anything online takes time and money. If you’re going to start selling, wouldn’t you like to know that your business model is going to work?

I started out selling affiliate products several years ago. What I didn’t realise was that I should have concentrated on certain products. The products I sold only had one point of sale. I didn’t make anything from my customer after that. I wsas simply referring customers to businesses for a one time fee.

Lifetime Value Of A Customer

most lucrative online businesses

Most businesses have repeat customers. That’s their ‘bread and butter’ income in many cases. The same is true of an internet based business selling digital products. Why should it be any different? With the right business model you can not only sell globally, scale and automate, but you can also take advantage of the lifetime value of a customer. You can do this by choosing the right digital products to promote online.

Digital products which continue to pay you commissions again and again might include:

  • Memberships – Online membership products let you earn for the lifetime of a customer
  • High Ticket items – Let you earn more for each sale
  • Up-sells – Having a range of increasingly higher valued items to sell to your existing customers.
  • Built in sales team – lets you concentrate on automation and scaling, while someone else does the selling.

To learn more and get started with a business model like this click here for a free video series.

How Do You Build A Business Like This?

Building a scalable internet business takes time and doesn’t happen overnight. However, it can be done relatively quickly if you go about it in a certain way. This course will show you the fastest possible way to do it but how you go about it will depend on your circumstances. Paid advertising is the fastest way to grow an internet business. You can use paid advertising to promote a ready made affiliate website which you can build very quickly. Or you simply send website traffic to landing pages which are already done for you. See done for you internet business.

With a done for you sales funnel you can simply start advertising and test and measure your advertising campaigns. This is known as direct response marketing and it is perfect for new businesses. I cover more detail in my ebook The Ultimate Guide To Online Marketing.

Direct response marketing lets you start an advertising campaign for a small daily amount within your budget. Send website traffic to offers and landing pages to collect subscribers. Email your subscribers with your products and information they may find useful. A you test and measure your adverts you can ‘tweek’ them to get the most out of them. As your profits increase you can start to scale your advertising campaigns.

Affiliate marketers are known to spend thousands every day on their marketing. However, they don’t start from here. They start from a small budget and only increase it when they see regular profits from their advertising. Learn more and get started here. 


Most Lucrative Online Business

What are the most lucrative online business models you can use to build an internet based business? There are various online business models which you can copy to build a nice income from your laptop. But what are the most lucrative online businesses?

Some of them are better than others of course. In this article I am going to share some online income building strategies which I have used to great (and less great) effect. Everyone is different and has individual skills and abilities which may lead them to choose one model over another. However, there are still good models and not so good models when it comes to making money from the internet.

most lucrative online business

Most Lucrative Online Business – Automation

My online journey took me from selling items from my bedroom on E-bay to selling high ticket affiliate products through my website. The main key which I have learned is to choose a model which works while you sleep. You need to get systems working on your behalf and really capitalize on the huge opportunity which the internet brings. The internet is not going to do the work for you. However, choose a model which keeps working for you, even when you stop to take a break. This is the ‘key’ to the most lucrative online business model – automation.

Doing The Right Things

Automation in an internet business is one of the greatest things we can use to create a model which works for us 24 hours a day 365 days a week. However, we need to learn how to automate an online business to make the most from this opportunity. I started out trying several tactics. I wandered from one idea to the next, never really knowing which would work. This took a lot of time up. Going it alone is a sure fire way to failure. Fortunately you can access an education platform with a community to help you every step of the way. Don’t go it alone, get the help you need to make your internet journey a prosperous one. Access a community and an education platform with all the tools and strategies you need here.

Most Lucrative Online Businesses – Strategies

High Ticket Items

One of the most important turn key moments of my online journey was in discovering high ticket products. Before I discovered high ticket I was selling the occasional affiliate item but on the whole I was struggling. I tried using Google’s Adsense program on a few of my websites and I sold digital products too. However, the odd sale of a $100 product simply didn’t cut it. If I was to turn my internet business into my main income I needed something better, or to increase sales dramatically, or both.most lucrative online business


Another key to creating a lucrative online business which continues to provide ongoing income is by selling memberships. Selling ‘one off’ digital products is great when you earn 40% of the sale price. However, you need to keep selling them over and over. By choosing membership products to promote online you are massively gearing your ability to generate income from individual sales. A membership product (with the right company) can give you a monthly income from each individual sale for the lifetime of their subscription.


most lucrative online business

Being an affiliate marketer is more lucrative if you also have a range of products to offer existing customers. Existing customers are likely to buy from you again, (assuming you offer them value in the first place). It can also be much easier to sell to an existing customer than to continually search for new customers. By having a range of products and services from which you can benefit from, you can also earn for the lifetime of your customers.

Built In Sales Team

You can also benefit from choosing products to sell (on your website) which have a built in sales team. Further sales to your existing customers are attributed to your initial referral. This strategy allows you to continue to make commissions on sales even if you have nothing more to do with a customer. Sales teams within the products and services which you can promote, do the job of up-selling on your behalf.


most lucrative online business

With an online business which is geared with all these strategies in place, it pays to advertise. Simply having a website is never enough. I learned this the hard way. I built many websites which had some great products and services on them but which no-one knew about or could find. Throwing up a website and hoping for sales is a certainty to failure online. You can advertise is several ways of course with paid advertising being the fastest way to get people to you site, and content marketing being a cheaper and slower alternative.

List Building

most lucrative online businessList building is the main strategy used for all the top internet marketers. By building a list and also building a relationship with your subscribers, you can reach a large audience with a single email. Build trust with your subscribers and you can also offer them products and services which are of value to them. People buy from people in general not from websites – particularly if they don’t know you. If you start a website and offer products and services from it, you can struggle to sell things directly from your site. By building trust with your subscribers by offering value and useful information, you are more likely to be able to sell to them. A relationship can be built up over months years and even decades through a list. Someone landing on your website has only a few minutes to decide whether to purchase from you or not.


Most Lucrative Online Business – Summary

The most lucrative online business model includes all the elements mentioned above. However, you still need a driving machine to put it in front of people. Use these tools to create your own website, sell other people’s high ticket products and offer value and information which makes you useful. Like any other business, work comes before pay. You must make yourself into a useful asset. Learn how to advertise online and access pre-built website and email series.

To create the most lucrative online business you need to pursue it. There are many strategies which work online but they only work well if you work on them and on yourself. An online business has many automated strategies which will help you automate much of your business. However, you must keep working hard for your business to start working for you. Learn more and access a video series which will show you how to make all these strategies work for you and your online business.