Most Enjoyable Professions

The most enjoyable professions are not necessarily the best paid ones. Money can improve happiness but only up to a certain level. The benchmark for income happiness levels is around $75,000. After this amount a rise in income doesn’t produce greater levels of happiness. Source: Time Magazine However, if your income is lower than this, money can make you happier, it seems.

One thing is for sure and that is many people want less stress and more money. Stress in work seems to outweigh the upside of making more money. If there was a profession which could pay extremely well, and yet allow you a lifestyle of freedom and flexibility, it would be the perfect and most enjoyable profession possible, wouldn’t it?

Most Enjoyable Professions – A Lifestyle Business

most enjoyable professions

The digital marketplace has now made it possible for anyone to start a lifestyle business. Today more than ever before, people are able to purchase almost anything online and have it delivered to their home at a price cheaper than in many high street shops. The trend is set to continue and those in the know are taking advantage of the online shopping trend to build a new kind of business, using a new kind of business model. A lifestyle business can allow you to:

  • Work from anywhere with a laptop and internet connection
  • Be your own boss
  • Build multiple sources of income from your laptop
  • Replace your existing income
  • Build your business up around existing work and commitments.
  • Leverage the internet using systems and software
  • Scale up to a global audience.

Most Enjoyable Professions – The Digital Age

The digital age is upon us. We now have the technology to work from anywhere globally from a laptop and completely replace our existing income. The main problem is we have been born into the mentality of the industrial age. We have inherited industrial age thinking. Thinking of limitation and lack, thinking of time as money and thinking of scarcity. We might have the ability to operate a flexible online business but our thinking is way behind. We must change our thinking in order to embrace these new possibilities.


Amazon wasn’t the first to introduce affiliate marketing but it was the most prolific. The concept of profit sharing on the internet was introduced in the late 80’s and it wasn’t until 1996 that Amazon launched its affiliate program. Source. What this meant is that anyone could send traffic to the company through a website or advertising source, and make a commission based on any sales they made. This is an exciting concept because it means you can create content which can potentially make sales for you on autopilot. See autopilot income system.

Although the internet is far more competitive now than it was in the 90’s, affiliate marketing has come a long way since then too.

Most Enjoyable Professions – A Business You Love

Building an online business can give you the kind of flexibility and freedom which is completely unobtainable from pretty much any other job or career. Many people now have internet based businesses which they have created around their passion. The most enjoyable professions are built around a passion and the internet can help you create a business you love. Learn how successful entrepreneurs are already turning their passions into profitable online businesses and living lives which were previously out of reach. Access a free video series which will show you how. Start here.

most enjoyable professions