MLM Business Opportunity

What is an MLM Business Opportunity? MLM is multi level marketing. Selling a product or service by yourself requires you to do all the leg work. With a multi-level marketing company, you can benefit from the work and sales of other members within your association. Network marketing companies capitalise on this strategy to enlist people to build their business. It also gives ordinary people the opportunity to build a residual and passive income, simply by showing the opportunity to other people. Of course there is also a lot of work involved. But building a business on your own can be much harder than using a system which rewards you for products sold through your team, as opposed to simply selling by yourself.

MLM Business Opportunity

MLM opportunities reward you for sales through your team in a number of different ways. You can benefit from making a percentage of the actual sales and a residual income from multi tier sales. Suppose you enlist 100 people into your network marketing business. 30 of them go on to build teams of their own, 10 of them make only personal sales and the rest drop out. From the teams built by your 30 team builders, you can earn a residual income. Some businesses reward you for team sales much further down the chain than others. Some will only pay you for 2nd and 3rd tier sales. That means only the sales of people you have personally referred, and those that they also refer will count towards your commission.

MLM Leverage

However, this is still great news since it means you can effectively leverage a business which pays you for building it even after you are no longer working – providing your team still makes sales. The next step is in deciding which MLM business opportunity is right for you. There are many such as Kleeneze and Herbalife to name just two. I even did a Kleeneze round for a while in my younger years. See “Does Kleeneze really work” for more details and “How Much Do Catalogue Distributors Get Paid

MLM Business Opportunity And Digital Marketing

mlm business opportunity

Digital Marketing can now allow anyone to market almost anything to a global audience. In addition to this, digital products can be downloaded and accessed from anywhere globally. This change in technology is far ahead of our habits, strategies and lifestyles. We now have access to digital technology which can enable us to live very different lives. Successfully combining this technology with MLM is the new emerging MLM business opportunity which arguably trumps all the others.

Shifting products through automation is what is changing our world. It has already cost countless people their jobs and will continue to do so as technology progresses. The self driving car, as an example, is a relatively new concept but it is a reality. Given 10-20 years of development how many driving jobs will be replaced given that the affordability of this automation will make it more accessible in years to come? Taxis, couriers, heavy goods vehicles and delivery drivers jobs could all be at risk. Not to mention all the other sectors which can be replaced by automation.

MLM Business Opportunity – A Digital Business Model

Using this technology can completely change our lives and waking up to this reality can be a complete game changer. Arbitrary working hours, long commutes and difficult working environments can all be things of the past, if we can successfully harness this technology.

Websites, Email, Automated Sales

Websites, email and automated sales are just three of the tools which digital marketers use to reach a global audience with digital technology. Advertising platforms also now enable anyone to set up cost effective advertising campaigns which can reach a global audience and target individuals very specifically, according to their needs. New advertising technology such as “retargeting” can also enable anyone to ‘follow’ someone around the internet advertising their products to them. You may have even experienced this yourself after browsing a certain product and then seeing it again on another website. This technology has massive implications.

MLM Business Opportunity – The Flexible Lifestyle

Any business takes time and effort in order to make it successful. An MLM business opportunity is no different. So many people become disillusioned with such a business because it takes time, effort and tenacity in order to make it work. However, an internet based business opportunity offers something else which a ‘bricks and mortar’ company, or even what many MLM business opportunities don’t offer. That is the freedom and flexibility to operate globally without a physical base, a team of staff, a warehouse full of stock, or even having to talk with customers. Providing you have a laptop and an internet connection, you are in business.

Learn how to build an internet based business from scratch, leverage the power of the internet and learn how to benefit from multi level sales from a digital business. Watch this video and login to access the video series.