Mentoring in Business Organizations

Are you looking for mentoring in business organizations? A business mentor can help you to make the most of your business. Stuart Ross and Jay Kubassek operate an online business mentoring service. This education platform is aimed towards those wishing to build their own online business, and for help and mentoring in online marketing and personal development.

Mentoring In Business Organizations – Online Marketing

Online marketing is an important factor in running any business today. Most people now use the internet to find businesses where they would have used a physical directory only a few years ago. With local or international businesses, the key to building a steady flow of paying customers is to have a good understanding of online marketing. Access this online education platform which teaches all aspects of online marketing together with the process of selling affiliate products and services online.

mentoring in business organizations

Different aspects of Online Marketing

Online marketing covers many areas including:

  • Paid for advertising
  • ‘Free’ advertising

‘Free’ in quotes because it takes much longer to implement this kind of advertising so although it doesn’t cost money it does cost time, which is arguably more valuable! Paid advertising methods include:

  • Google Adwords – Google’s paid for advertising program.
  • Facebook advertising – Facebook’s platform allows targeted demographics aimed at your target audience. See why target market is important.
  • Twitter – Also has a paid option and can be used free to build followers in your business niche.
  • Google organic marketing – Blogging and video marketing can help find targeted customers through organic search results.
  • Other social media platforms – Linkedin, Google+, Tumblr etc.
  • YouTube – Video marketing platform

Mentoring In Business Organizations – Training The Owner

The owner of a business is the ‘cap’ of it’s potential. Unless the owner recognizes this, they are forever limited by their own thinking and prejudice. By developing yourself along with your business, you are growing with your business. If you do this correctly you can open your mind to more potential which has previously been limited.

Self Image as the barrier to greater success

How do you see yourself? Your self image can be the very last limiting factor to your potential for success. Your last barrier is often the last place you will look – yourself. How much will you spend on advertising? Where are your comfort zones? What makes you uncomfortable? Where do your limits lie? The answers to these questions will help you to understand where you are limiting yourself in your life and in your business. Psychocybernetics by Maxwell Maltz is a great resource for developing your self image and uncovering your potential.

mentoring in business organizations

Mentoring In Business Organizations – Mind Development

Your mind is your most powerful tool and can help your business or hinder it. Unless you have your subconscious and conscious minds working together as a team, you can sabotage your conscious efforts with an unhealthy unconscious success blocker. Unconscious beliefs and attitudes such as self doubt, feeling unworthy, inferiority complexes, impostor syndrome and many other hidden agendas, unknown to your conscious mind may be hindering you.

How to rid yourself of unconscious success blocking behaviors

The new psycho cybernetics has already been mentioned in this article and offers a deeper understanding of our unconscious behaviors. How to get lots of money for anything fast is another great resource for tuning your subconscious into your  greater goals. Our lack of awareness is a big problem and we often are programming our subconscious mind with contradictory ideas. We therefore plant seeds (in our subconscious minds)  for both failure and success simultaneously. This is because we doubt we are capable or worthy at times for the things we truly want to transpire.

Here are some possible examples of contradictory thought.

I would like to live in a big house. But I’ll never be able to afford it. It will cost too much to heat.

I would like a loving relationship. But they are so much hard work.

I would like more money. But this is my fate. People like ‘us’ are destined to be poor.

The Subconscious Delivers

Your subconscious mind is wise and is listening to everything you say and think. It converts these thoughts into realities. Not immediately but over a period of time. This is important in a business context due to contrary intentions.

  • You want your business to grow, but you also want time with the family.
  • You want an increase in profits, but you don’t want to have to do any further study.

It is important to make it clear to your unconscious mind exactly what you do want. When you do this it can manifest much more quickly. Without conflicting agendas you can move forwards at a much faster pace. This book by Stuart Lichtman shows you exactly how this is done.

mentoring in business organizations

Access Online Mentoring Course

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mentoring in business organizations