Meditation For Attracting Money

Practicing meditation for attracting money can be very powerful, when done right. Your mind is a powerful tool and we can easily get too focused on our problems, rather than our solutions. When this happens you can find yourself worrying about money. The worry produces more worry and before you know it you have built a mental ‘trench’ around you which is preventing the good things from happening.

Your negative feelings soon become entrenched beliefs. You may decide it’s all too much and nothing you can do will change anything anyway! You stop trying and acting in ways appropriate to changing your situation.  This is the opposite spiral to that which you want. You want more good thoughts which lead to more opportunities. This in turn will lead to greater satisfaction and a happier demeanor.

meditation for attracting money

Meditation For Attracting Money – Awareness

Being mindful of your thoughts is therefore a vital positive step in attracting a money mindset. If you have found yourself in a problematic financial situation on more than one occasion, you may be trapped repeating some old patterns of behavior. What are your attitudes towards work, money and abundance? What are they towards success, abundance and wealth? We can often hold contrary ideas to those in alignment with what we want.

How can we create abundance if we hold attitudes like:

I’m not enough, Money is the route of all evil, rich people are mean, I’ll never be wealthy, I hate work, No one will employ me, (insert own ideas here!), I’m always broke, I never get a break…

How many conflicting beliefs do you hold which may unconsciously be preventing your from living the life of your dreams?

Meditation For Attracting Money – Removing Blockages

Watch this powerful video with Christie Sheldon where she shares some ideas and a meditation for attracting money by releasing energy which may be caught up in contrary beliefs.

Meditation For Attracting Money – Visualization

Some of the biggest achievers have used visualization techniques to tap into their imagination to communicate ideas to their subconscious minds. By doing this on a regular basis you can instill in your subconscious mind a powerful force of attraction which leads you to your dearest wishes and dreams. This process happens even if you are not consciously aware of it by your most common emotions and images communicating messages to your unconscious.

The problem is that we do this unconsciously when we are met with difficulties. Rather than ignoring them, we create powerful emotions about them. This communicates the feelings associated with our problems and re-creates them later on in our lives. Watch this Jack Canfield short video which explains the conscious process of talking to your unconscious mind to create what you want, rather than what you don’t want. Think about a time when you may have created unwanted feelings and emotions, in relation to those things you actually don’t want in your life. By becoming more mindful of these situations we can consciously align ourselves with a more positive and fruitful path towards things we want and love, and away from things we fear and dread.

Meditation For Attracting Money – Expectations

Meditation helps to calm the mind and body. It can be used to notice thoughts which were previously unconscious. Don’t expect mediation to solve all your money problems however – only you can do that! Don’t use meditation to avoid the obvious solutions to your problems such as working for money. Meditation can be used to uncover limiting beliefs from your unconscious mind, to align yourself with your potential and your inner values. By calming your mind you can allow your subconscious to give you some answers which previously were blocked by the all too busy chatting of your mind.

Meditation For Attracting Money – Mantra For Money

Using mantras in addition to meditation for attracting money can be very powerful. See Money Mantra To Become Rich and affirmations, mantras and positive intention.

This affirmation and mantra from Bob Proctor is a good one and I have used this to great effect. Although a mantra like this may not be true for you when you start, by repeating mantras which you would like to be true, you are training your mind to communicate the idea to your unconscious – just as you picked up ideas fro your parents when you were small. Many of those ideas no longer serve you and should be replaced by new ideas like this one. See also how to reprogram my subconscious mind.

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