Digital Marketing Books For Beginners

Are you looking for digital marketing books for beginners? Digital marketing refers to the marketing of goods and services through digital technology and mostly refers to the internet. There are several books on the subject of digital marketing, however, the subject changes quickly and up to date knowledge is more readily found through blogs and online courses. Access this digital skills platform today for free and get £350 worth of online business startup training. Included are e-books: “List building for profit” and “Steps To Create Your Ideal Life”. If ‘physical’ books are more your style, there are several digital marketing books for beginners listed in this article.

digital marketing books for beginners

Digital Marketing Books For Beginners

Forms Of Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is used to find customers on the internet. There are various forms of digital marketing but the main ones include:

  • Blogging – Using keyword research to find long tail keywords and building articles around them to rank on Google.
  • Advertising – Paid for advertising can be done on any platform. The main ones include Google Adwords and Facebook adverts.
  • Creating video – Creating videos for YouTube is also a popular and effective for of advertising, when done right.
  • List building – Building a list of subscribers and offering valuable content.
  • Social Media – Sharing your content on social media is another effective way to grow you brand and encourage sales.

Let’s look at each one in turn:

Digital Marketing – Blogging

Blogging is an effective form of online advertising. However, there are literally millions of websites on the internet all competing for attention. Getting found on Google is much more difficult than it used to be. So blogging must be done right for maximum impact. Of course you can always share your content through social media and boost it with paid advertising, but ideally we will get our articles and blogs found on Google as well!

Long tail keywords are exactly that. Keyword chains which a long. A short keyword phrase might be your main keyword for your business. On this website a main keyword is “start your own online business”. However this is going to be very competitive. By using Google’s keyword planner you can find long tail keywords which are much less competitive. Here’s a short video to explain how to find long tail keywords for your blog titles:

Once you have found a good long tail keyword, put it into Google in “quotes” to see how many competing pages there are for that specific “phrase”. Anything less than 1000,000 is good! This doesn’t guarantee you will rank your article, but it will give you more chance of ranking it. Write good, long articles of over 500 words and use an SEO plugin to help you get you get the content and SEO (Search engine optimisation) right (I use a free SEO plugin by Yoast). This will give you a better chance of ranking.

Keyword Research  – Buyers Intent

Make sure your long tail keywords have a ‘buyers intent‘ and don’t include keyword chains which exclude potential buyers. If you are going to spend some time writing articles, make sure they are targeting the right people for your business. (See why target market is important).

For example a keyword such as “free digital download” would suggest someone is looking for something for free. Although this doesn’t completely exclude the possibility of a purchase, your time might be better spent on targeting keywords like “buy ‘specific’ digital download”, for example. At least in the first instance. Ten articles targeted towards buyer intent keywords will have a much greater impact than 100 articles targeted towards ‘tyre kickers’!

Digital Marketing Books For Beginners – Advertising

More digital marketing books for beginners:


Paid advertising is a great form of digital marketing. It allows you to target a specific audience. With Google’s paid for Adwords platform you can target search terms which specifically relate to your business. These are people who are proactively searching for keywords using the Google search engine.

By targeting specific keywords in your campaign, you can choose who you want to land on your website and for which keywords they will find you. You can also choose where they land and how much you want to spend on a daily basis. You can get started with Google Adwords here and spend as little or as much as you like – spending only £1 a day if you choose.

Targeting in Adwords

By targeting buyer keywords and specifically those which relate directly to your business, you can avoid spending money on clicks which are less likely to convert into sales. Also by including information and prices in your advert, you can avoid having your advert clicked by someone who is not looking to spend or has a lower budget. Each time someone clicks your advert, you pay. Hence why it is important to tailor your advert to people more likely to convert into buying customers.

Facebook Advertising

The Facebook advertising platform is slightly different to Adwords. Unlike Adwords, Facebook is not for proactive searchers but is more of a social platform where people connect with their friends and share news. However the power of Facebook advertising lies in its ability to target people by their interests and demographics.

This is particularly useful for local businesses who can target people on Facebook by their geographical location. You can also target age, gender, interests and connections. By developing an understanding of your most specific target audience, you can tailor adverts specifically to them and target them on the platform. This greatly improves your chances of finding the right people for your service or product.

Digital Marketing – Creating Videos

Video marketing is another great advertising method which can allow you to showcase your particular interest or skill set and connect your business to a new audience. Video marketing is less competitive than article marketing and so it can be easier to get your videos found on YouTube than to rank an articles on Google. Video is also a great way to show up and personalize your brand to would-be customers. Here’s a short video explaining how you can target keywords which are already being searched for on YouTube and use them for your video titles:

Digital Marketing – List Building

List building is one of the main tactics used by successful online marketers in conjunction with the other marketing tactics mentioned here. Marketers use email captures to offer visitors some benefit, in exchange for their email address. The email is added to an auto-responder service and the website owner can use this to contact the subscriber with further news, information, products and services.

An email list makes it possible to build a relationship with a potential customer over time. Without it, a website owner only has one opportunity to sell to a customer. By building a list of many subscribers, digital marketers can sell one product many times with a single email. This is very powerful when you have built a list of 100,000 + subscribers. Even if only a small percentage of the list purchase a low priced item, the owner can make many sales and a good profit.

List Building For Profit. click the image below:

digital marketing books for beginners

Digital Marketing – Social Media

Social media is a huge platform for advertising businesses. There are so many social media platforms to choose from and this is a huge topic. By connecting with people who share interests relating your business, you can target a specific audience through many social media platforms. Social media can be used to great effect to find your target audience either through free or paid methods. By paying for advertising on social media you can reach a huge audience globally. You can specifically target those who are most likely to subscribe to your marketing message and purchase your products or services.

Access more digital marketing books for beginners below:

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