Making money from blogging

Making money from blogging can be done in a few different ways. The main two ways are either by promoting affiliate products which relate to your particular niche of blog, or putting Adsense adverts on your blog and making money from any visitors who click on those adverts. You can also have an opt-in form on your website and collect email addresses from your visitors to keep them up to speed with your latest blogs and offers. This is an important way to connect and communicate with your subscribers and also promote any affiliate products which you may want to sell. Collecting emails addresses from subscribers is a great way to build traffic to your blog without having to rely on Google organic search results or paid advertising for traffic and sales.

I started out using a free blogging site much like Hubpages allows you to blog for free and build a connection of followers from the site. If you write regularly and build a following you can generate quite a lot of traffic. The downside with a free blogging platform like hubpages is that you seldom can rank any articles as Google prefer dedicated owner websites in their organic results. However it’s a good place to get started and try your hand a writing articles without having to spend anything.

Adsense income takes a long time and you must have a large stream of traffic to your blog to make even a modest sum from your blogging. Many bloggers use both Adsense and affiliate programs to monetize their online articles. Affiliate programs allow any would-be blogger to promote other people’s products and services and collect commissions based on the sales. A good place to start with affiliate programs is but there are now hundreds of affiliate programs available in almost every niche. Just Google ‘(your niche) affiliate program’ to find them.

Digital products are a favorite for bloggers because of the high return. Typically you can earn up to 50% of an items value on a digital sale. With an affiliate site like Amazon or Ebay the reward is much less per item but you can make multiple sales from one customer if they go on to bulk buy after clicking your affiliate link. High ticket digital products are even more attractive. This is because you can earn a lot more per sale. A typical digital product might sell for $100 meaning the affiliate (you) makes $50 on the sale. High ticket products allow you to make up to and above $500 per sale. This means you don’t have to sell as many of the products through your blog or website in order to make a living using this method. To learn more about high ticket products and how to sell them click here.

Take a look at this quick video which I made giving an overview about making money from blogging: