How To Make Money Using A Laptop

So you want to know how to make money using a laptop? Why not?- after all, if you can make money using only a laptop you could work anywhere in the world. This is the internet age and it is entirely possible. Here’s how it is being done all over the world.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketers promote and sell goods, services and products worldwide through their websites, advertisements, videos and other various online content. The products they promote is entirely up to the affiliate marketer themselves and they can choose products which relate to a personal interest of theirs which they can blog about, for example.

how to make money using a laptop

What Is Affiliate Marketing?

An ‘affiliate’ is basically someone who promotes and sells someone else’s product. By selling products on the internet, affiliates earn commissions – sometimes up to 40% of an item’s value! They do this by linking to products through blogs, for example, and the link is tracked back to them as the person who has referred the traffic. By sending multiple sales through a single link, an affiliate can earn from multiple sales through a single piece of content. Affiliates create multiple pieces of content which can be found on the internet by interested buyers. They then use this content to promote various products, services and even memberships.

Products To Sell

You can literally sell almost anything on the internet. Most products available to buy have an affiliate program. By joining a company’s affiliate program and linking to their content with some code provided by the product’s owners, you can earn commissions from referrals. It’s a bit like recommending a restaurant to a friend, only if that friend should visit the restaurant, you earn a percentage of their purchase!

Selling Memberships

Selling memberships if often a better way to make money from your laptop than, for example, selling individual items. A membership sale could be worth much more because an affiliate can earn commissions for every month the member continues to subscribe to a service. Whereas by selling only an individual product, like this book for example, will only make a commission on the one single sale.
how to make money using a laptop

High Ticket Sales

Again, like selling memberships, high ticket sales are a better way to make money from your laptop. For each individual sale you earn a higher rate of commission that you would for a low ticket item. Since the same amount of work goes into building your content in affiliate marketing whether you are selling books for $9 or businesses for $9000, it makes sense to sell the higher value products. You do the same amount of work for greater rewards.

How Do I Get Started? 

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What’s Involved?

You will need a laptop and internet connection and access to a learning platform to get the right education to become an affiliate marketer. Many people attempt affiliate marketing without success to it is important to get the right education to give you the best chance of success.

How To Make Money Using A Laptop? 

Initially there will be a lot of learning to do. You will get access to a ready made website and training modules to bring you up to speed with what’s most important. Then you will need to implement this knowledge to get things moving. By creating content, advertising and sending people to products and services online, you can make money and leverage your time. You can choose any product to sell but there will be products recommended to you for the best results.

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How to make money using a laptop – final thoughts

  • You need a laptop and internet connection
  • A learning platform which allows you to get the right skills and techniques
  • Patience to learn something new
  • Products to sell
  • a platform to sell from (website/adverts)
  • Creating your own content and or products.
  • YouTube Video content and Adsense – This is different to affiliate marketing and can be used if your content is very popular.