Steps To Build An Autopilot Money Making System

Are you looking for steps to build an autopilot money making system? Making money on autopilot is the domain of the affiliate marketer and although it sounds far fetched it’s not that far from the truth. Affiliate marketing allows much of the process of selling online tools, products, memberships and services to be automated. Let’s have a look at what is involved in the process of setting up an autopilot money making system.

steps to build an autopilot money making system

Steps To Build An Autopilot Money Making System

Much of the process of selling online involves sending people to websites which have pre-made sales materials and a sales page which allows for instant access to an online membership program or even a physical product. The sales funnel starts with an email opt-in. The website visitor enters their email address in order to access some information, downloadable product or some other form of ethical bribe.

steps to build an autopilot money making system

Email Series

Once their email is entered into the landing page or website (like this one), they are sent a series of follow up emails. These have already been created previously and so are sent completely on autopilot. You can also add emails as you wish and send them out to your email subscribers. However, if you wish you can simply stack up a series of ongoing emails which are completely automatic. You will need an autoresponder – a piece of software which allows this whole process to be automated.

What’s In The Emails? 

The email series will contain some useful information and will follow up with whatever the subscriber is hoping to learn from subscribing. There will also be offers for useful products which they can purchase through these emails via a link. By purchasing a product from an email, the subscriber is sent to an automated landing page from which they can purchase online. They are then delivered their product either through another company such as Amazon, for example, if it’s a physical product, or through a website portal which is instantly accessible – in the case of an online membership program.

autopilot money making system

What Do I Need To Do?

As an affiliate your job initially is to create this system with a sales funnel and an email list in place. Building your own products takes time and writing emails which successfully showcase your products or services also takes time (and testing) to know whether it will work on not. Instead, you can use a pre-created product and email list using a proven product with an existing funnel in place.  Learning the skills, tools and systems needed is one of the first steps to build an autopilot money making system. Access here.

How Can I Build An Autopilot Money Making System?

Although much of the work has already been done for you there is still some work to do. You need to set up the sales funnel and send people through it for it to work. A large part of this process is already done. Your job then is to build your list of subscribers.

Finding Subscribers To Send Through Your Funnel

As an affiliate marketer your main job, once your funnel is set up, is to find targeted visitors who will benefit from your information and products. You want a win-win situation for both you and your customers and so need to provide value to your subscribers. Tailoring content and information which will appeal to your target audience is a good way to do this. See why is target market important.


Advertising directly is the best way to immediately send people to your sales funnel. However this costs money and you will need to spend first before you see any sales. You also need to test your advertising content, target audience and a number of other variables to make sure it is profitable. Once you have found a profitable advert which converts, you can simply scale this up by adding more budget to reach a larger audience.

Content Creation

Online marketers also create content which will help and inspire their target audience. This could be articles, video, podcast or any other such content which you would find on the internet. This is a cheaper way of finding potential customers to send through your sales funnel but one which will take longer to implement. Also, you can’t scale up once you have some good content. One piece of content could go viral and attract thousands of people to your sales funnel, whereas another could fall flat and become lost in the sea of internet content. One successful campaign is not necessarily followed by another. Creating content is a major part of the basic steps to build an autopilot money making system.

Autopilot Money Making System?

Although there is much to do, a lot of the process is fully automated:

  • Emails sent automatically
  • Affiliate products are accessed online after automated payment is processed
  • Up sell process is automated – (including customer support with some products)
  • Membership renewal is automated for membership products
  • Email captured automatically through autoresponder software.
  • Traffic automation takes time with content creation but can be automated with paid advertising more quickly

What do I do once it is all set up? 

Once your sales funnel is in place you will have an autopilot money making system to all intents and purposes. However, until you send ‘targeted buyer’ traffic through your sales system, it won’t make any money! Here is what you must do next:

  • Create adverts targeted at your perfect customer, test and repeat.
  • Create content targeted at your perfect customers which get found online. Test and repeat.
  • Continue to learn how to do this effectively.
  • Keep doing this until it works!

Access this digital education platform which will give you the knowledge and expertise to make this a reality and a ready made sales funnel. Getting the right online education is one of the first steps to build an autopilot money making system.

Autopilot Money Making System

Are you looking for an autopilot money making system? The benefit of websites and adverts which run online is that they can run automatically and continuously, delivering products and services globally. Products and services can be delivered with no human intervention at all, once these systems are in place. What this means to online entrepreneurs is that they can ‘leverage’ their time and create a lifestyle business which runs continuously 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

autopilot money making system

Benefits Of An Online Business Model

The online business model can allow a completely flexible working pattern. Online entrepreneurs can work from anywhere in the world with a laptop and internet connection. This allows you to use systems, tools and software which can scale your business to a global audience. Once up and running, systems can be scaled to reach more people, sell more products and create more freedom for the business owner. Unlike a traditional business model, the online business can be used to reach a global audience and is not limited by location. An online business is also much more affordable than a ‘bricks and mortar’ physical business to start.  Anyone can now use this model regardless of experience. Learn more here.

Autopilot Money Making System – How It Works

The ‘autopilot’ of an autopilot money making system is the internet and in order to make money online on autopilot the work is done previously. Because the internet runs 24 hours a day and 7 days a week non-stop, you can also sell products and services through websites. These are automated and allow products to be purchased online instantly. You have probably seen a sales page and a ‘buy it now’ button with a link to access some kind of information or product online. This is the crux of an autopilot money making system – selling products through automated platforms.

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Money Making Websites

Websites can generate money in this way and the key is to get targeted visitors to the website. No traffic = no sales. This is one of the major considerations which internet marketers face when starting their own online venture. Money making websites which have great products and fantastic sales pages still have to get people to them before they can make any actual money. Random visitors are no good! You need buying customers to land on your website to buy your products. This means targeting the right kind of visitors to your website with appropriate content and advertising.

How To Make Money Online For Free

There are ways to make money online with very little investment, however, to build a profitable business online is another matter entirely. Blogging and selling affiliate products can be done for free online but it can take a long time before you make any real money. The small successes you may get from a sale here and there can be short lived and you can easily get caught up in spending all your time doing unproductive activities if you don’t get the right education upfront. Your chances of success will be greatly magnified if you get  a mentor and the online support you need to make your internet business a success.

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Automated Money Making System

The best model which is successfully making people ‘autopilot money‘ is affiliate marketing. However, the most successful have worked hard at this and not simply set a switch to the ‘on’ position and sat back with a margarita – although this sounds nice! Working hard and smart is what the best affiliate marketers do. They know that affiliate marketing can work for them even while they sleep! People can buy from your website and you can make an affiliate commission from other people’s products and services. You don’t have to own your own products or even deliver or store anything. You don’t have to speak to any customers or deal with anyone personally.

Instant Income From Home

This model offers the ability to work from home or  anywhere with an internet connection and a laptop. This means that there is a large amount of competition in many areas on the internet. Affiliate marketing allows anyone the option of an extra income or to completely replace their existing income. In theory this all sounds very good but in reality there are only a small percentage who succeed at it. Many give up before they see any real results. Affiliate marketing definitely is NOT an ‘instant income from home’. Over time and if you work on it consistently, it can be become a profitable business which can completely replace your current income. With this in mind, it is definitely something worth working for. For those who stick at it, there are some great rewards.

What Is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate marketing is basically referral income. If you go to nice restaurant and recommend it to a friend and they then go to that restaurant – you don’t earn any income from that. On the internet such a referral will earn you a percentage of the sale. You can recommend products and services to other people through your website and content. If your referral results in a sale, you earn a commission. The biggest affiliate marketers sell thousands of products through a single email – which can all be largely automated. The work is in building a large list of subscribers and building trust with your list. This is done by offering value to your subscribers and helping them in some way.

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Money Making Systems

Building a simple website and getting it to rank on Google is a simple money making strategy if successfully combined with affiliate marketing. However, the internet is now more competitive than ever and it is much harder to rank your site in a prominent position in the search engine results. Although this strategy works for many affiliates, it takes time before you can rank a website if you are starting from scratch. In addition, you won’t know if you can rank your website, because it may just be too competitive a niche. You could build a great website which gets no visitors because it doesn’t rank well on the searches , and you will have wasted all that time..

Money Making System That Works

Although blogging is time consuming it is a low cost way of slowly building up your internet presence. To build an internet business is the fastest possible time you can pay for advertising. If you do this right you can send the right visitors directly to your affiliate products and make a commission on your sales. This requires testing of adverts and of course spending money. However, you can start small with as little as £1 a day and build up as you see a positive return on your spend. Once you are in a position where you are spending half of what you earn consistently, you are in a great position to scale up. This can’t be done with ‘free traffic’ methods such as Google organics and blogging.

Learn how to build a legitimate internet business by getting the right education upfront, saving you time and money, and by joining a community of people who can help and advise. This is a genuine business and it will take time, effort and money to create a profitable and sustainable business from the internet. Sign up for the VIDEO SERIES HERE.

An autopilot money making system is a reality for many online marketers who have put in the effort to build a sustainable long term income from the internet.

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