Mantra For Getting Money Urgently

Want a mantra for getting money urgently? Check out the video below in which Bob Proctor shares a powerful money mantra which has worked for me with great results. I tried this mantra and repeated it continuously every day. It led to one of my best financial years ever. The idea that a mantra has so much power sounds ridiculous. But in reality, we talk to ourselves all day long.

The problem is, what we talk about is usually negative in nature. Our unconscious mind is listening attentively to our dialogue as we go though our day. By choosing the right dialogue to feed our subconscious mind, we can create far better outcomes than by planning and thinking in the normal manner in which we usually do.

Mantra For Getting Money Urgently

Of course, it also depends on how urgently you intend to get money. A mantra for getting money urgently will work differently for everyone because we all have different needs and circumstances. How much money and in what manner we get it can vary tremendously. And of course the timing will too.

mantra for getting money urgently

The other thing to consider is how much conflict we are creating which opposes the flow of money to us. Did you watch the video all the way through, or did you decide you ‘got it’ straight away. This mantra does work, but you also need to remove any counter intentions which are holding you back.

In Stuart Lichtman’s book How To Get Lots Of Money For Anything Fast, he describes what he calls the Cybernetic Transposition technique. This is a method of clearing the unconscious obstacles to your success. We all have them. Basically this means you contradict yourself with ‘counter’ intentions you have which oppose the desire (for money) you say you have. Like dieting, for example, in which you state your goal (to lose weight) but then choose to drink heavily, not work out and eat whatever you like!

This works the same for creating money too. We want more money, but what are we prepared to do for it? How do we oppose it with our thoughts and counter intentions? Keeping your current circumstances in place is paramount to maintaining a consistent world view and the safe comfort zone of your current reality. This can hold you from creating more abundance in life.

Mantra For Getting Money Urgently

I used Bob Proctor’s mantra for getting money urgently as shared in the above video. This mantra talks to your subconscious mind and creates a new outcome. But, it only works if you persevere with it and do it consistently. You are effectively communicating your desire to the unconscious mind. Things come up in life and you will become aware of more possibilities and actions you must take in order to receive what you’re asking for. If you block them, you are counter acting your best intentions.

money mantra to get money urgently

Perhaps there’s a specific way you would like to make more money? Of course we all want to make money in a convenient way, that is conducive to our happiness. I found an internet business which allows me to work when I want and around other obligations. Other work became stressful and I came to the decision that in order to pursue money in a meaningful and purposeful way, I had to find a means to love my work.

Hating your work can create powerful counter intentions towards and away from financial security. If you work only for the money, it doesn’t create meaning and joy in your job. Before long you resent what you’re doing and create an obstacle to your success – both in terms of happiness and income.

In Stuart Lichtman’s book How To Get Lots Of Money For Anything Fast, he spends considerable time outlining the importance of developing a mantra in the first instance. That’s because if you create a goal which you have conflict with, you’ll soon lose interest in it. Getting clear on your intention is the work which is most important. Having conflicting desires is one of the major roadblocks to achieving success.

Get Stuart Lichtman’s Book here and learn how to focus your subconscious mind on the outcome you really want.

Mantra For Getting Money Urgently – Which Mantra To Chant For Money?

For a long time, I jumped from one job to another, without any real long term purpose. It’s a tricky path which leads to a lot of suffering and discontent. I looked for short term income opportunities and took any job I could get. Finding a path which meets all my needs has taken a long time.

mantra for getting money urgently
Stuart Lichtman – Creator of the How To Get Lots Of Money For Anything Fast Program

I wanted freedom and income, which ultimately led me to find this internet business. Your own personal needs are unique to you. Your ‘perfect’ job or career might vary wildly to mine. That’s why you need a mantra to fit your own perfect version of doing something you enjoy, are good at and which makes money.

In Stuart Lichtman’s book, you will learn how to create this mantra, which Stuart calls the Cybernetic Transposition “meta story”. This is your version of the ‘manta’ which you want to bring into reality. By repeating your meta story daily over and over, you can create a communication with your unconscious mind. As you do it will bring up conflicting desires and blockages which your unconscious is communicating to you. Each time something comes up, you can rewrite your meta story to get closer to the version which is best in line with what you really want.

The main problem with a mantra for getting money urgently, is that you can create other problems for yourself, while focusing intently on a specific outcome. That’s why Stuart teaches you to put a ‘disclaimer’ in your meta story. This leaves an opening for something better to arrive, that you perhaps hadn’t thought of. It also creates an assurance policy which avoids any conflict which might arise from your main goal being achieved. For example, you might be so focused on a particular outcome as to create problems elsewhere. Whether that be in relationships or other possible potential outcomes.

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