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The Magic Of Thinking Big PDF

The Magic Of Thinking Big By David J. Schwartz is a fantastic self help book based on the idea that our thoughts lead to our actionable ideas. With small thoughts come small ideas and small actions. With large thoughts come greater accomplishments.

To do anything, we must first believe it can be done. Believing something can be done sets the mind in motion to find a way to do it.”

To illustrate this point the author uses an example in his training sessions of asking the group:

“How many of you feel it is possible to eliminate jails within the next 30 years?”

The resulting reaction is quite telling. Once the group realize it is not a joke they hit back with all the reasons why this NOT possible. In fact many cite reasons why more jails are necessary. One person even suggests they are necessary to keep police and prison guards in employment.

It is not until the group are told that the question was simply used to illustrate a point, that they reconsider their response.

“Just for kicks.. assuming we can eliminate jails in the next 30 years, how could we begin?”

By aligning with the idea that it is possible, the group change their focus and begin to suggest ideas which could lead to this eventuality.

Many people hold themselves back in life simply because they don’t believe something is possible. This example shows why belief is so important. See why belief is so important for affiliate marketers

The Magic Of Thinking Big PDF – Download Here

Belief in your power that you can either do something, or you can’t do something is a huge determining factor in the outcome. If you believe you can’t do something then you don’t even try. Believing you can do or achieve something will motivate to you to find the actionable steps towards actually achieving it. See top 10 self limiting beliefs.

Apply The Magic Of Thinking Big To Your Life

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  • Income
  • Relationships
  • Wealth
  • Family
  • Community
  • Happiness
  • Health

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the magic of thinking big pdf

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