Most Lucrative Affiliate Programs

What are the most lucrative affiliate programs? Of course the amount someone can make from affiliate marketing depends on the affiliate marketer themselves. That aside, the most lucrative affiliate marketing programs are those which offer the ability to build multiple income streams. Not every affiliate program is the same. Physical products, for example, tend to pay out less than digital products. Digital products therefore offer the affiliate the ability to make more money on each item.

most lucrative affiliate products

The affiliates ability to sell a product is the crux of their success though. A physical product may very well be easier to sell than a digital product. Surely it’s better to sell a few physical products than only a single digital one? Well not really.

Most Lucrative Affiliate Programs

When I first started out as an affiliate I was full of excitement! I thought I was going to be rich very soon! This enthusiasm soon turned to disillusionment when nothing really happened. I didn’t know what I was doing. That was the crux of it and I’m sure it is the same for many struggling affiliates out there too.

most lucrative affiliate programs

Even if I had the best products available on the market, I would have failed. The most lucrative affiliate programs are not necessarily going to make you the most wealthy affiliate. That’s because it’s not the program, it’s you. You will determine whether your affiliate business is a success or not.

That being said, I am going to share what I consider the most lucrative affiliate programs. That is, in terms of what they can offer you if you succeed at them! Anyone can join an affiliate program and promote a product over the internet. Doing so well, requires a certain amount of knowledge and skill.  That doesn’t happen overnight. It takes time. See why affiliate marketing does not work.

Most Lucrative Affiliate Marketing Programs

To make the most money from affiliate marketing you need to make the most of your time. Time is far more valuable than money. It’s easy to say when you have money, but much harder to say when you haven’t. However, the way in which you market your affiliate products has a great deal to do with how well you can do.

most lucrative affiliate programs

Some affiliate products pay out such low amounts that it’s not practical to use paid advertising. This means you rely on organic traffic and sharing your content. This can take time to build up. Even with the most lucrative affiliate programs, if your traffic is low, you’ll get poor results. To really scale up an affiliate business quickly you need paid advertising. That means more costs. Unless you have an affiliate product range, you’re not going to make the money back that you’ve spent. This makes paid advertising out of reach for the lower valued affiliate products. At the very least it makes it a much harder proposition.

For that reason alone, choosing a digital product range can make your affiliate business much more lucrative.

Lucrative Affiliate Programs

Lucrative affiliate programs make the most of your sales. They offer to pay you for your customers again and again. Most affiliate programs only pay you once. They pay you for the first referral. Once they have gained a customer from the affiliate, they never have to pay you again. Lucrative affiliate programs pay you for repeat custom and continual up-sells. By joining a program with ongoing commissions, you stand to make lifetime sales for repeat customers.

most lucrative affilaite programs

Think about a normal business. It make sales from loyal customers. It doesn’t rely on first time customers again and again. So why would you trust that business model as an affiliate? For single sale products you are doing the work of finding loyal customers for a company and only getting paid once for it. Use programs which have a product range instead. Then you’ve more ways of making money from each sale.

A product range is a series of products offering more and more value. Starting with an entry level product, as product ‘suite’ offers more to affiliates in terms of what they can sell. It can offer:

  • Subscription products – Subscriptions or memberships allow affiliates to earn monthly commissions from each customer. As their customer base grows, so does their commission.
  • High Ticket Items – High ticket products allow affiliates to scale their advertising methods and earn more per sale than lower ticket items
  • Up-sells let affiliates earn later on after their initial sale from automated sales.
  • Multi-tier sales are sales which are attributed to your team. This creates more leverage in your business because you can earn from the sales of your referrals.

The Key To The Most Lucrative Affiliate Programs

most lucrative affiliate program

The key is understanding the business model. Unless you understand how such a product range works, you’re likely to apply your current business knowledge to it. For most people this means running an advert, failing and then giving up. This is a mistake. For most people having a sales funnel with all these items in it is a bit like owning a Ferrari, but not knowing how to drive.

Understanding how to build and scale up an advertising campaign, and then re-invest profits back in, is the key to building a successful online business.

When I started using paid advertising, I was very tentative. I was scared of losing money. I tried several times and made one or two sales. I tried to take out the money I made but didn’t know to re-invest. It wasn’t until I got the right training and education that things began to change. With high ticket products and subscription products, you need to invest to build your email list. Then your results will come back to you when people buy through your list. This can take time.