High Paying Low Stress Jobs

High paying low stress jobs are hard to come by. If you’re anything like me you don’t much like stress.  I spent a long time thinking I was doomed to a tiny salary simply because I didn’t enjoy the stress which came with higher paid incomes. I wanted high paying low stress jobs but even low paid jobs often mean:

  • Working for a boss
  • Working long hours (or at least 9 to 5)

I didn’t want a boss as it seemed a boss was the most difficult part of the job in many cases. 9 to 5 jobs didn’t suit me either. I was looking for something different..

High Paying Low Stress Jobs

high paying low stress jobs

It’s stressful working in a job you dislike and after years of it, and being in and out of employment, I came to the realisation that I was better off juggling debt and taking my chances in self employment. I had occasional work in the film industry but it wasn’t enough.

When I wasn’t working I was looking for other income opportunities in my spare time. I tried many things including forex trading, ebay selling (see how to start a profitable ebay business), HGV driving (pretty stressful), TV extras work and I even had an SEO job for an airport parking company at one time.

An Internet Based Business – The Start

While doing my ebay business I found a simple strategy for earning money on autopilot. I bought a simple ebook which I accessed and downloaded instantly. It struck me as the best business system I had seen since no-one had to be there delivering products or collecting money. It was all automated. I thought that was the kind of business system I wanted to use. It wasn’t until years later that things really got interesting.

Affiliate Marketing

high paying low stress jobs

Affiliate marketing is basically a kind of referral marketing. ‘Affiliates’ are rewarded for referring people to products over the internet. It means that anyone can promote goods and services over the internet but doesn’t need to physically handle products or even talk to customers.

This certainly fitted into my criteria of high paying low stress jobs, at least in terms of low stress. No customers to deal with and no products to handle or store. While I was working on my ebay business I found both these things added to my workload and stress.

My room was full of stock and I had to keep an eye on constant incoming messages. With affiliate marketing, this wasn’t a problem. I simply referred website traffic to other people’s products and they dealt with everything else. All I had to do was find the right people to send them to the right offers.

High Paying Low Stress  Jobs

So I’d found the low stress job I was looking for. However, it wasn’t until I properly understood this business model that I started to properly earn from affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing can be a high paying business. However, there are a few things you need to get right in order to make it pay. One of them is finding the best products and in particular the right business model to promote.

My Ebook

high paying low stress jobs

Initially I thought that I could simply promote an ebook and earn an income from it. I was set to be disappointed! In theory, the initial ebook I had bought from ebay was a great idea. It taught me the business model I describe in detail in my article how to start a profitable ebay business.

I bought it from ebay years ago and it helped me earn from ebay. The guy who sold it to me earned every time somone bought it. That’s a great business model because you simply set up an advertising platform and let it sell over and over. Its a digital product and once bought, you can automate the checking out process and delivery of the digital ebook. This makes it one of the best hand off businesses I can think of! The only problem was the scale of the venture. What I was to find out later was I didn’t know how to sell online. I had the enthusiasm, but not the skills!

An Online Business With Back End Sales

One of the limitations of selling a small ebook online is that it only gives you a small profit. Even though there are very low overheads with an internet based business, you still want to be able to scale up. Otherwise you will get stuck trying to keep selling low ticket items like ebooks. It was only later that I learned that there are better business models than this.

Choosing the right business model from the outset can greatly improve your chances of not only earning from an online business, but taking it full time and leaving your job.  An online business model which has back end sales is a much better model than the simple ebook one. Back end sales are sales you can earn from again and again from the same customers.

Finding New Customers Again and Again

Most retail outlets don’t need to find new customers again and again. They get repeat custom from their existing cusomers. An internet businesss should also use this model. Even though you still find new customers, you can still benefit from existing customers if you use the right model:

  • Choose subscription products to sell online – Earn repeat commissions every month from each customer
  • Choose products which also give commissions for back end sales – ‘back-end sales’ are later sales closed by the company but for which you earn commissions.
  • Position yourself to earn multi-tier sales – Multi-tier sales also pay you for sales closed by your team.
  • Choose to sell high ticket items which pay you larger commissions for each sale.

Low Stress High Paying Jobs

For many people working on their own on the computer might present some challenegs. But for many, their own online business, once profitable, is the perfect high paying low stress job. But how do you get it profitable, and keep it profitable? What’s great about an online business is that it is scalable.

Top online marketers make huge commissions simply because they have learned to grow and scale their online business. A regular ‘job’ can’t do this. You can’t scale your time. If you’re working in a ‘time for money’ equation, you will always need to keep on working.

An internet business lets you escape the trading time for money trap. With online advertising you can reach a global audience with digital products and scale up once you have found a profitable model. An internet business also meets the ‘high paying low stress jobs’ criteria because it can be built up around existing work and commitments and eventually scaled to replace existing employment.

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