Low Maintanence Business That Generates Significant Income

Wouldn’t it be great to find a low maintanence business that generates significant income? This is something I was looking into several years ago. I tried many business models and even bought and sold on ebay. See how to start a profitable ebay business for the strategy I used.

However, there was something wrong with that model. It wasn’t scalable. It was flexibile and you could do it from your laptop, but you couldn’t repeat your efforts easily. Therefore you were always in the ‘loop’ in order to make it work.

I sought out something more low maintanence which had huge potential and it was after I bought a downloadble product from the auction site that the penny finally dropped!

The best low maintanence business that generates significant income is both automated and scalable.

Low Maintanence Business That Generates Significant Income

I had bought an ebook from ebay which explained how to make money from ebay (the link I shared above). Even though I used this method to successfully make profits, it was the model of the ebook itself which I kept coming back to. I had been sold a product which I accessed instantly and which allowed me to pay online. 

It was this simple strategy which led me to find a low maintanence business that generates significant income. Using the same strategy as the ebook seller on ebay, I learned how to sell high ticket products from a website or advert. Even though I wasted a lot of time trying to build my own products and then sell them over a website which didn’t get any views, I later learned how to market online and set up automated marketing strategies which kept going requiring little amount of imput.

The Business Model Which Keeps Paying Out

low maintanence business that generates significant income

Selling an ebook won’t make you much money. If you become an affilaite marketer you can sell other people’s products online and make 40% commission. So its easier and quicker to use someone else’s products rather than your own. By choosing a business model with multiple ways of making money, you can gear your success more effectively. By choosing products which offer multiple income streams you earn more for each sale. 

Choose affiliate products which offer:

  • High Ticket sales – Earning larger commissions
  • Memberships – Earning monthly for each sale
  • Up-sells – Giving you more ways of earning from your initial sale.
  • Built in sales team – Closing sales on your behalf
  • Multi-tier sales – Giving you commissions on the sales of your team.
  • Automated sales

By choosing products like these you give yourself the best chance of success.

Choose A Scalable Business Model

Once you have your business model set up you can scale it globally. But only if you have:

  • A global business model
  • The ability to do it
  • Automated sales funnel

Scaling a model with people ‘in the loop’ is always going to be difficult. However, scaling an automated business model which is set up without people in the loop is imminently more ‘doable’. To scale your business into the larger figures you are going to need the right products and a good advertising campaign.

Advertising – The Power Of Pay Per Click

low maintanence business that generates significant income

A low maintanence business that generates significant income must be scalable. To scale a largely automated business you need to use paid advertising. Pay per click advertising allows you to test and measure your advertising campaigns with a small budget until you realise a profitable strategy.

Once you do, you can increse your budget. By setting up multiple advertising campaigns in this way you can test and measure until a profitable campaign is running. Then simply leave it running and move on the to next one. If your sales funnel is set up already then this is the main activity you need to focus on.

Each time a successful advertisign campaign is set up, you simply leave it running. You can cross test it to increase your advertising performace over time by running similar adverts against each other.

Learn more about advertising with pay per click in The Ultimate Guide To Online Marketing.

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