Small Investment Business From Home

Are you looking for a small investment business from home? Many people have already turned to the internet as a means to replace their income with their own internet based business. But how does this work and how long does it take to earn a living from the internet?

Affiliate Marketing is the route many people take in order to have their own small investment business. Affiliate marketing allows anyone with a laptop and an internet connection to make money by referring people to products and services online.

Investing In Your Online Education

A business like this will require investment in your education and this is the most important part of building a successful online business from home. There are many routes to building an online business and it can be easy to take the wrong one. Making an investment in your knowledge will put you on the right track from the start and help you get a profitable business up and running as soon as possible. Learn more and start your own business from home here.

Small Investment Business From Home

Affiliate marketers simply act as referrers to online products and services, recommending or reviewing existing products which they can promote or deliver to an online audience. You will need a laptop and an internet connection to get started, plus the right knowledge which you can get here. You will be given access to training modules and the means and understanding to learn affiliate business step by step. By using products and services which already exist, and pre-made sales materials, landing pages, websites and testimonials, your job is made easier allowing you to concentrate on finding a target audience and getting your message in front of them.

How Is This Achieved?

There are several ways to do this according to your own individual strengths and talents. However, anyone can learn the tactics used given a positive attitude and a determination to succeed. Here are some basic ways of finding your audience.

  • Online advertising – You can create adverts which link to products directly. This is the fastest way to build an online business but it does require spending money on advertising.
  • Free Advertising – Writing articles, creating websites, videos and other content is a method which online marketers use to find visitors through search engines like Google. By creating unique and useful content you can place yourself between the customers and the products.
  • Creating a list of subscribers and providing valuable content. By creating an email list and offering some service, you can build a large audience which isn’t dependent on paid advertising or search engine rankings. By promoting products to your list you can make multiple sales with a single email sent to thousands of people.

What You Don’t Have To Do

The are several reasons why affiliate marketing is attractive to so many people, here are a few:

  • You don’t have to sell directly – landing pages and pre-built content can do the selling for you. You simply put information in between the customer and the products.
  • There is no stock to hold – You can literally sell anything with affiliate marketing. From books to t-shirts to training courses. You are simply referring traffic to your chosen products which are delivered by someone else or which can be accessed through an online platform by the customer on autopilot.
  • No cold calling – You don’t ever have to speak to a customer if you choose! You can even promote products and services with a built in sales team for you!
  • Have a boss – Affiliate marketing allows you to be your own boss and work from anywhere globally with a laptop and an internet connection.

Other Benefits

Some of the other benefits of running your own small investment business from home:

  • You can use the internet to leverage your efforts – by outsourcing and leveraging your time to create multiple online income streams, you can create a continual flow of traffic (visitors) which can turn into sales.
  • Content created from months or even years earlier can continue to bring in visitors to your website and/or landing pages – making sales.
  • Anyone now has the opportunity to reach a global audience with only a laptop and internet connection – previously this was only available to companies with massive budgets.
  • Leveraging online advertising – by testing adverts which link to various products you can find a profitable niche. Once you have a winning ad you can ‘scale’ up by increasing your advert spend. So if you spend $1 and make $2, you can scale this given a large enough target audience and turn $100 into $200 or $500 into $1000 and so on, simply by ‘turning up’ your winning advert.
  • Automating much of the process means it can run 24/7 without you even being present. You can sell products or services and deliver them all on autopilot while giving value and building trust.

Small Investment Business From Home

What do you need to invest to become an affiliate marketer? Initially you will need to learn a few new skills and this will take some time. Everyone is different and learning rates vary. Once you have some knowledge under your belt it is important to implement that knowledge and not become stuck as a perpetual student. Here is a basic run down of the investment plans included in the Six Figure Mentors education platform.

Small investment business from home


To get started today apply to join and access the online learning material. A $29.95 one time payment will allow you to see inside the workings of The Six Figure Mentors and to start your own small investment business from home. This comes with a 30 day money back guarantee, so if you decide not to continue you can claim a full no quibble refund in this time. As you can see from the chart above membership levels offers a variety of investment levels. The higher membership levels also allow you to take advantage of high ticket commissions.


What Are High Ticket Commissions?

A high ticket commission allows you to take advantage of a larger value sale. By earning up to 50% of the value of a sale you can make much larger commissions for the same amount of work as you would be doing to sell a smaller valued item. For example by selling a £1000 product and making 40% you would earn £400. On a smaller valued item of £100, you would only make £40. You would need to sell many more of the smaller products in order to make your online business a viable income source for the long term. Take a look at the income potential chart below. (Please note that SFM application is now $29.95).

Small investment business from home

Selling Memberships

Equally, by selling membership to online platforms you can make commissions on a monthly basis from the same sale, rather than only on a single payment. This means that if your members continue to subscribe to a service, you stand to make a commission every month from your initial sale.

Franchise Opportunities Within Affiliate Marketing

In addition to these small investment startup opportunities, you can also buy into the franchise at a higher level, allowing you to partner with the company and sell higher value items for higher commissions, should you wish. Have a look at the chart below for more information on this small investment business from home.

Looking at the highest level of membership – DEA Black, you are able to make sales of $20,000 earning 40% commission or $8000 on a single sale. You can still sell these products at lower levels of membership, however, but your commission is at a lower rate. If you became an Elite member, for example, you can benefit from a 10% commission rate on a $20,000 product or $2000. Learn more and start your own small investment business from home by clicking here.

Small investment business from home

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