Local Search Marketing Services

Looking for local search marketing services for your local business? Marketing your business locally using the power of the internet, is definitely something you should be doing to boost your sales, whether you have an online or locally based business. With a locally based business targeting your market audience can be a lot easier since you can target your location plus a radius around it. By targeting your area specifically, you won’t be wasting money advertising to people outside your catchment area. See more on why is target market important.

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Advertising – The best way to grow your business

Many small business owners neglect doing the proper advertising to grow their business. Whether through fear of wasting money or simply through a lack of knowledge, this move could stagnate a business for years if not entirely kill it! The problem is the potential earnings which are being left on the table by NOT advertising. Getting an advertising budget together and starting small, is the best way to gradually increase your confidence and grow your customer base at the same time.

Facebook advertising – You can also narrow your online marketing target audience further by age, marital status, online habits, interests and other demographics. The more targeted you make your advertising, the greater the potential for a return on investment of your advertising budget.

Google Adwords advertising

Use Adwords to find people who are actively looking for a company like your own. Every day people use Google to search for businesses just like yours. By not having a campaign running, you are giving these potential customers over to the competition. Again, you can start small by budgeting just a few pounds a day. Gradually increase your budget as you see an increase in visitors to your business.

Local Search Marketing Services

Search marketing refers to Google’s search engine and potentially any other search which could bring you more business. I have used Facebook advertising also under this ‘search’ umbrella although technically Facebook is a social media platform and not used to search for local business. The targeting potential of Facebook however is incredibly specific and should not be overlooked when marketing your business. Adwords is the paid for listings which you will find at the top of the search results and definitely one of the fastest ways to grow your business.

Google Organic Search

Search marketing also refers to SEO or search engine optimisation. This is the practice of optimising pages, content and websites for the search engines so that they appear on the first page of Google and bring in customers free of charge. Although this is the ideal scenario, it takes much longer than paid for advertising and is still not an exact science. Whether you achieve a high ranking for a certain topic is dependent on several things. Here are just a few of them:

  • What your specific business is and does
  • How many other competing businesses in your niche/area are there?
  • How new is your website?
  • The quality and quantity of content on your website
  • How many quality incoming links there are to your content?

Organic or paid for advertising?

Although organic search advertising is a slow burner, it should be part of a larger advertising objective which includes paid for advertising. Whatever your budget is, if you have a business, you should be paying for some advertising even if only to learn how for later when you have a larger budget. By not doing so, you are missing the bigger picture and leaving money on the table. Remember the limit of your business is set by your own limitations, expectations and thinking.

The unlimited internet business model

An internet business can be international and therefore sold globally. This can be a good and a bad thing since your target audience can be massive. With a localized business, at least you know where your customers are based. However, with an internet business, leveraging your time and scaling your advertising spend is much more possible given the automated processes involved. To learn how to scale an existing business or start an internet business from scratch follow this link.