Existing Franchise Business For Sale

Looking for an existing franchise business for sale? An online business franchise has many advantages over a traditional franchise such as lower startup costs, no business premises needed, learn as you earn, full training given and no experience needed. Plus with an online business you don’t need to hire equipment, staff or pay expensive business rates. Anyone can access this existing franchise business for sale, which is also an online business.

existing franchise business for sale

Existing Franchise Business For Sale

With this online business franchise you can benefit from high ticket digital products, a built in sales team, ongoing training and a range of pre-built products and services which you can use straight away. An online business franchise takes the hard work out of building an online business. You get:

  • A pre-built sales funnel with a range of products built in
  • A ready made website (easy to set up)
  • Modular step by step instructions
  • Pre-built email series
  • An online training platform with full support
  • A community of people to connect with

Other Benefits Of An Online Business Franchise

A traditional business has many costs which prohibit most people from attempting them. With an online business the costs are far less. Most people already have a laptop and access to the internet which is all you need to get started. Work from anywhere globally and around existing commitments.


An online business has leverage. This means that instead of using staff, a business premises and physical products to create profit, you can use the internet, automated tools and digital products instead.

A Global Audience

Even a physical business has its limitations. For example they are often limited to their geographical location. That’s why many businesses operate an ‘online leg’ of their business, to increase their reach. Larger products incur more costs when shipping and this can limit their customer base too. With digital products anyone can access them worldwide. Delivery is automated as is checkout. People pay online for digital products and receive them instantly and automatically.


This automation makes an online business imminently scalable. With everything in place including automated checkouts and delivery processes, the influx of customers can be scaled with online advertising. This can run 24 hours a day 7 days a week generating sales. With the right business model you can keep earning over and over again for repeat custom and later sales closed by the company.

Get Started

Access an existing franchise business for sale here which offers scalability, automation, a global audience and pre-built products and services you can use straight away. Use the step by step modules to build your own website (with only a few small steps), sales funnel, landing pages and promote and sell existing digital products and services.

Can I Try it Out?

Try this online franchise business for a full 30 days free.