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Looking for living the laptop lifestyle PDF? You can download this article on PDF here. So, is it possible to be living the laptop lifestyle, or is this just a dream? How can you earn a great living just from a laptop? How possible is this for the average person and do you need any special skills?

Living The Laptop Lifestyle PDF

living a laptop lifestyle pdf

Download this article “living the laptop lifestyle pdf” here.

My internet ‘career’ started around the year 2000 when I looked to ebay to make a little extra money by buying and selling. You can read more about a tactic I used successfully in my article how to start a profitable ebay business. I tried a lot of other tactics too, like buying from car boot sales and selling on ebay. Sometimes I made a profit and sometimes I didn’t. It wasn’t for me ultimately despite putting a lot of work into it. Their was a problem with the model – it wasn’t scalable.

The Scalable Business Model- Living A Laptop Lifestyle PDF

Living the laptop lifestyle is possible because an internet based business is scalable. My little ebay venture wasn’t. It didn’t matter how hard I worked on it, there was a ceiling to how much I could make. The reason? I was factored into the sales model. Even though this was my ‘own’ business, my time was still a factor in the model.

Unless I was busy finding things to sell, listing them on ebay and queuing at the post office, I wouldn’t make any money. Of course I could sell items which were of higher and higher value and that would add more profit to my sales. But ultimately the model I was using couldn’t be scaled. If I stopped working, I stopped making money. In most jobs this is the case too. We trade our time for money. The important thing about living the laptop lifestyle is that you choose a business model which can be automated.

How Can You Earn A Great Living From A Laptop?

living the laptop lifestyle pdf

Download this article “living the laptop lifestyle pdf” here.

The answer to this question is automation and a good business model. The internet now allows anyone to use pay per click advertising. This is an awesome tool and it means that you can advertise to anyone who is on a table, ipad, computer or smart phone all around the globe. Just stop and think about that for a second. Not that long ago, it was only the major corporations who could afford to do this.

Now anyone can do it. Also, you can use direct response marketing. Direct response marketing is useful for smaller business people with smaller budgets. It lets you set your advertising budget and platforms allow you to spend as little as you can afford per day. You don’t need a multi national corporation budget any more. You can start for a few pounds. Once your advertising proves itself you can scale up to reach more and more potential customers.

So What Do You Sell?

living the laptop lifestyle pdf

So advertising is great! That’s no good really unless you have something to sell. And what good is global advertising if you have nothing to sell? The laptop lifestyle is possible because of companies which offer to do the selling for you. All you need to do is send them customers. Product delivery and customer care are entirely someone else’s problem. That means you can promote other people’s products online for a commission. All this can be done from a laptop. Hence: laptop lifestyle. Work from anywhere, scale you business with paid advertising and live on a yacht somewhere! Well, that’s the dream anyway!

What’s The Good Business Model?

Download this article “living the laptop lifestyle pdf” here.

living tthe laptop lifestyle pdf

Think about Bob’s local DIY store. Bob builds up his store over a number of years and before long he had a number of loyal customers. What he doesn’t do is focus on selling just one item again and again. That’s the mistake many online marketers make. They forget about the lifetime value of a customer. They forget about return on investment. They only focus on the initial sale. In the long run it is the repeat business which keeps Bob’s income coming in month after month. It isn’t the ‘out of towner’ who drops in and makes a rare purchase.

The same is true of an online business. Sell single products and you will be chasing customers for ever more – always trying to find new custom. Sell membership products and you can earn a living from your sales, rather than a single commission. There’s other ways too to make an online business much more lucrative:

  • Sell high ticket items – recoup your advertising costs more easily and scale up faster
  • Sell memberships – Giving you a sustainable business more quickly
  • Choose products which reward you for later sales – ‘Up-selling’ is offering other products to existing customers. There’s a reason McDonald’s ask “Do you want fried with that”! It’s a sales model which works!
  • Choose products with a built in sales team closing sales on your behalf.

How Possible Is This For The Average Person?

New software and tools has made the internet a much more usefriendly place. Anyone can now access training, tools, software and technology which can allow them to build a profitable internet based business. If you can operate an email, you can learn the skills needed to build an online business. Although everyone is different, anyone can learn how to do this.

Software and tools now it very easy to:

  • Set up your own customized website
  • Access pre-made sales pages
  • Build your own email list
  • Sell products and services through online platforms.

Do You Need Any Special Skills?

You don’t need any previous skills to start your own online business. You do however need to aptitude to learn and apply what you have learned. This educational platform is laid out in step by step modules to walk you slowly through the process of setting everything up. This can be done in a matter of days or weeks depending on the time you have available. What’s great is that you can work through the modules at your own pace and you can do it from your laptop from anywhere. All you need is an internet connection.

Access this video series and learn more about how you can start your own lifestyle business.

Download this article “living the laptop lifestyle pdf” here.