Living Abroad Working Remotely

Do you like the idea of living abroad working remotely? Remote working opportunities now allow many people to work from their laptops from anywhere globally. All you need is a laptop and an internet connection. But how does this work, how long does it take and can anyone do it?

Living Abroad Working Remotely

living abroad working remotely

The idea of living abroad working remotely is quite appealing. Working from anywhere with a laptop and an internet connection means no more 9 to 5, no more having to commute or work for a boss. It’s the ideal scenario. But how realistic is it?

How Does This Work?

Many online entrepreneurs already work full time for themselves from their laptops. They achieve this with affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing lets anyone sell other people’s products over the internet. Some products even pay the affiliate 50% of the sale price. The affiliate basically acts like a middle man and sends people (website traffic) to products. When they buy, the affiliates make a commission.

Of course there is a lot more to it than this but that’s a basic overview. It means you can work from anywhere, build up your online business around existing work and eventually work full time for yourself.


living abroad working remotely

Choosing the right products is the key to building a successful online business. Digital products tend to offer hight commission rates for affiliates. You can sell almost anything online of course, but choosing digital products can mean you earn larger commissions per sale.

Membership products pay you again and again for repeat custom. This means instead of earning once for a sale, you earn for a membership fee every month. This is the strategy which top affiliate marketers use to earn a full time living from the internet.

How Long Does It Take?

If living abroad working remotely is your goal, an internet business might be the right path for you. But how long does it take to build up an internet business to the point of not needing another job or income source? This will depend on your particular circumstances. The fastest way to build a profitable internet business is with paid advertising and products which offer multiple streams of income.

Paid advertising obviously costs money and you will need to test and measure your advertising while you learn how to build a porfitable advertising campaign. This alone could take several months before you are in profit. The other route is with content marketing. This can take much longer depending on your particular niche market. Some online marketers are in profit within 6 months and for others it takes more like 1-2 years before they are generating regular profits and become more stable.

Living Abroad Working Remotely – Can Anyone Do It?

Anyone can learn how to become an affiliate marketer. Tools and software now available make it much easier than it was previously. By following well laid out modules and a proven digital busieness system you can make an online business work much faster than by going it alone online. As long as you have the desire to succeed and the ability to follow instructions you can turn an online business into a full time living.

Access this video series and online course to learn more and get started.