List Of Digital Products To Sell Online

Looking for a list of digital products to sell online? Digital products are not all equal. Some products offer the ability to earn month after month and also pay for after sales up-sells. Others only offer a single commission. After the initial sale it’s back looking for more customers. The affiliate has basically passed a new customer to the vendor in this case.list of digital products to sell


Goog digital sales companies know that the lifetime value of a customer is far greater than the value of its entry level product. So they pay affiliates to find them new customers. It’s far cheaper than paying for their own advertising! The best digital products therefore to sell online are those which pay you again for sales made later on to the customers you referred to them. 

But there’s a number of ways you should be able to earn with the right digital products.

List Of Digital Products To Sell Online – Entry Level Product

A range of digital products should always start with an entry level product. This is usually some giveaway product which offers some value. Why give away a digital product? Simply to earn your potential customers trust and get them to sign into your sales funnel.

This product is an ‘entry level’ digital video series which explain the overview of a digital business system and how e-commerce works. Get this ‘digital’ product for free here by signing up to the video series.

list of digital products to sell online

List Of Digital Products To Sell Online – Basic Level Product

After gaining your website visitors trust and getting them to exchange their email for your entry level product you can then offer the basic digital product. In the case of this series of digital products it is the free trial of the online training platform. This offers a free month of online training and you can access tools, modules and even mentors with this product.

To access this digital platform you need to enter a credit card or debit card. After your free month you will be charged $20 a month for access. You can of course cancel before you are charged and receive a free month.

list of digital products to sell online

The basic level product can also be sold to your list or via a website for the normal price of $29.95. The free version can be offered as an occasional motivator for potential customers. The same product is available here. As you can see in the chart below we are only two products in so far in this list of digital products to sell online. To access the free version and trial this product for yourself, click here. This is the introductory level product. The next digital product in this range is the basic membership product followed by the elite membership level. Each succesive level of product offers more training and a larger commission level on sales generated.

list of digital products to sell online

List Of Digital Products To Sell Online – Higher Level Products

High ticket products allow affiliates to earn greater amounts for individual sales. In addition you can earn in several ways too:

  • Through memberships which pay you affiliate commissions each month
  • Through up-sells closed by the built in sales team
  • Through Multi-tier sales – sales made by your referrals also pay you a commission (at partner level memberships)

Founder Member Commissions allow you to earn 40% commissions on products ranging up to $20,000. This would mean a single sale would make a commission of $8000. However, you would need to purchase the product yourself in order to be able to resell at this commission level. Lower level products such as the elite membership still allow you to ern commisions on $20,000 products but the rate is lower. (see chart below). Access the full range of digital products available here.