Most Lucrative Startups

Some of the most lucrative startups are also lifestyle businesses. There are several reasons why you should make your startup business a lifestyle business. For one, building a startup company takes time and money and in the first instance is exciting and rewarding. However, a few years down the line you will still have bought yourself a very expensive job. You will be tied to your business if you make it a physical business. A lifestyle business, on the other hand, can serve to set you free in ways a physical ‘bricks and mortar’ business cannot. Watch this video of Stuart Ross talking about a lucrative lifestyle business model.

most lucrative startups

Most Lucrative Startups – A Lifestyle Business

A lucrative lifestyle business can free up your time as you build it and is designed around your lifestyle choices. A few years down the road with a lifestyle business and you can be operating it from anywhere globally from your laptop. This can free up your time while giving you the money to choose your lifestyle around family, travel and other hobbies and interests.

most lucrative startups

I started looking to the internet as a means of making a living several years ago with e-bay. Despite it being a pretty flexible income stream I was still stuck with a room full of unsold items and spent far too much time at the post office and searching for bargains. It was a business model which required far too much time and gave back far too little income. You can see how I did this in this article: “ebay bargain finder“. I bought several e-books on the subject of making money through e-bay and what struck me as the best model and one of the most lucrative startups, was that of selling information.

Most Lucrative Startups – Information publishing

The information publishing business allows people to sell the same items over and over again through an automated sales process. See autopilot income system. This means that once the systems are set up and in place, there is only advertising to do. Anyone can do this too and it means you can automate most of the process. Even the advertising can be automated. This can run 24/7 in the background on the internet – making sales and delivering goods!

The most lucrative startups on the internet are high ticket courses which have memberships and up-sells. Products like masterminds which sell upwards of $10,000 are the best things to sell on the internet. A commission of 50% on a $10,000 mastermind will make you $5000. Compare that to a smaller product of $100 where you make $50 on a sale. The same systems are used to sell both items on the internet. You can see how much more lucrative it will be selling the higher value items.

most lucrative startups

Most Lucrative Startups – Automated Systems

Selling products on the internet is great because it can be largely automated. You don’t need your own products because you can earn 50% commissions from selling digital products online. The best thing about an online business though is the ability to scale your business up to five and six figures. This can be done because you can sell items with a global appeal which means you have a huge audience. You also have the means to reach a global audience through your laptop. Smaller businesses which are locally based have a much smaller customer reach than global internet based businesses. Small businesses also have a finite limit to the amount of customers they can serve at any given time. Much of the process of delivering content and products online is automated. Sales and delivery can happen through a single website on complete autopilot.

Most Lucrative Startups – Most Lucrative Online Business Model

I Initially started with small affiliate products and my first sale made me around $40. It was a great moment and I realised that selling other people’s products from the internet was a great business model. It wasn’t until several years later that I learned how the experts do it! The professional online marketers use a different model:

  • High Ticket Products – To make larger commissions
  • Have built in sales teams – To handle larger up-selling and masterminds up to $20,000 per sale
  • Have memberships – Memberships mean monthly commissions not single commissions.
  • They have lifetime commissions on each referred customer – Some products only pass on the initial sale commission.

Some companies only offer commissions based on the initial sale. This means the company keeps the customer and can go on to sell various other product to them over the course of many years. The best online marketers know this and choose business models which reward them each time a customer buys another product.

Most Lucrative Startups – Get Started Today

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