Lifestyle Entrepreneur Examples

lifestyle entrepreneur examples

Are you looking for lifestyle entrepreneur examples? Over the course of several years I have learned from some of the most inspiring entrepreneurs. Many of them have created lifestyle businesses through their websites and online marketing. One of my first online mentors was a guy called Pat Flynn. I joined Pat’s “Niche Website Duel“. This was a competition he ran a few years ago to encourage his followers to build a niche website, rank it on Google and make it into a full time income source.

Although my website didn’t quite make it at the time, I learned a lot from Pat and followed his podcasts avidly for some time. So thanks Pat for helping me on my journey! Pat started off with a website about the security industry called, after he was challenged to build a niche website from scratch. He built it and made nearly $700 a month from it! You can check out Pat’s website Smart Passive Income here.

Pat has built his lifestyle around his online activities and he has helped many people follow in his footsteps in creating a lifestyle business from the internet.

Lifestyle Entrepreneur Examples – Tim Ferris

lifestyle entrepreneur examples

Tim Ferris has also been a huge inspiration for me. I first learned about him through his book the 4-Hr Work week. He has also now written the 4-hr body and the 4-hr chef. You can check out his blog here: The 4- hour work week is an inspiring read and highly recommended for anyone wanting to escape the 9 to 5 grind for a better lifestyle and more free time. How can we live a meaningful and enjoyable life without becoming a slave to work? The 4-hour work week shows us how it is our arbitrary ideas around a working mentality, and those of our bosses, that hold us there, and  how we can escape to a more rewarding life.

Lifestyle Entrepreneur Examples – Stuart Ross

lifestyle entrepreneur examples

Stuart Ross is an online entrepreneur and co-founder of The Six Figure Mentors – an online digital training platform. I met Stuart a few years ago on one of his seminars in London but what first caught my attention was Stuart’s story which you can see here. Stuart’s story is an inspiring one and he has created a training program for people wanting to build a flexible income from the internet, escape the 9 to 5 and live a more free and flexible life. After reading Tim Ferris’s book and working online for some time trying various systems and strategies I decided to join Stuarts community. You can learn about it here and access a video series which will explain more.

Of all the online programs and strategies I have attempted, Stuart’s is definitely a program I can
recommend. He has built a community of people, all helping each other to become full time online entrepreneurs.  Stuart’s mission is to wake up people to the possibilities of a different kind of lifestyle. With a similar philosophy to that of Tim Ferris in his book The 4-hour work week, Stuart is known as the “freedom entrepreneur” and has coached thousands of people to create income streams from their laptops. You can trial his online coaching program for a FREE month here.

Lifestyle Entrepreneur Examples – Jay Kubassek

Jay Kubassek is the other founding member of The Six Figure Mentors.  I met Jay Kubassek in London and immediately was inspired by some of the things he was talking about. It made me realize how much baggage I was carrying around at the time. Jay’s is another inspiring story and he came from working a 60 hour week as a muffler salesman to being a full time internet entrepreneur and self made millionaire. You can hear his story here.Watch this truly inspiring video of Jay talking about finding your X-factor: