Legit Affiliate Marketing

Looking for legit affiliate marketing? Affiliate marketing is, on the whole, legitimate. It is a means for merchants to promote their products and services online by selling through their affiliates. It is a performance based form of marketing in which the affiliate promotes a product or service. If a sale is made through the affiliate’s efforts, they receive an affiliate commission. Anyone can become an affiliate marketer simply by signing up to an affiliate program and promoting some affiliate product. The largest and best known affiliate company is Amazon, who were one of the first companies to offer affiliate marketing.

legit affiliate marketing

Legit Affiliate Marketing Companies

Digital affiliate marketing products  can be promoted on any website to earn the affiliate a commission. If someone clicks through and purchases an item from your banner (for example), you can make a commission based on the sale. Digital products are popular affiliate marketing products because of the low cost and high commissions available by selling them. Because they don’t need to be physically sent out, and can be downloaded instantly, digital products are perfect for affiliates to promote. Their main cost is advertising and so this is why affiliates can earn 50% commissions on each sale.

Why Affiliate Marketing Gets A Bad Name

Affiliate marketing can become the target for disgruntled customers who, for one reason or another, haven’t successfully managed to make it work for them. People can believe it is an unregulated industry full of ‘fly by night’ cowboys, who don’t fulfill their promises. There are some unscrupulous people who  promise easy riches, and their customers are of course disappointed after handing over their money. The genuine legit affiliate marketing companies suffer much more scepticism because of this.

To make a successful business out of affiliate marketing is a long process and can take a lot of time and focused effort. It is not an easy win. Companies promising over night riches soon disappoint those who have been taken in expecting easy money.

Successful Affiliate Marketing

legit affiliate marketing

Because affiliate marketing is something which almost anyone can try, a vast amount of people attempt and then give up in affiliate marketing. It is because of this that so many assume it is not a viable career option. For those who persevere, affiliate marketing can set them free of their jobs and allow them to live a ‘laptop lifestyle’ of freedom and flexibility. But not everyone is capable of making this a reality. Affiliate marketing can completely replace your current income. However, it is not something which will happen overnight. There is plenty to learn and implement before you can even make your first sale online. Making consistent sales is another matter entirely.

The Right Affiliate Marketing Model

Choosing the right business model for affiliate marketing is as important as implementing the right strategies. Most top affiliates draw attention to list building. By building a list of email subscribers affiliates can build a relationship with many customers simultaneously. They can also promote and sell affiliate products through their list. By building a list into the tens of thousands, you can see how one email can make a top affiliate a lot of money.

However, you must build your list in the right way and deliver value, otherwise your subscribers simply won’t want to open your emails. Imagine sending a single email out with a new promotion and just 1% of your list buys your product. With 10,000 subscribers that’s 100 sales. If you sell 100 items all worth $50 ( a moderate cost), you stand to make $5000 with one email. That is based on a low ticket item and only 1% of your list purchasing. With high ticket items and by building more value into your emails, you can earn a lot more.

High Ticket Affiliate Products

By choosing high ticket products to sell you can earn a lot more from each individual sale. In addition, you should also choose affiliate products which offer a range of services, all of which you can earn affiliate commissions from. Selling a single item will only make you a single commission. But setting items with a range of products and a built in sales team can mean you will benefit from your customers purchases in the future too. Learn more here.