Learn affiliate marketing for free

You can learn affiliate marketing for free and you can pay to learn affiliate marketing. One of the best places to learn affiliate marketing cheaply is by signing up for an account with Clickbank.com. Head over there and open an account. Once you have an account you will receive advice and daily emails on finding affiliate products, and generating income from your activities. There are a number of sites which will also offer you daily emails and advice on learning affiliate marketing.

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Getting started 

learn affiliate marketing for free

One of the first places to start is getting yourself a blog and learning to blog regularly. Your key issue is getting people to your site or blog. You can start writing on any online blogging site or article site for free simply by signing up to one. Hubpages.com, Squidoo.com and Ezinearticles.com are three such sites which allow you to create content and post it on their sites. Browsing through articles on affiliate marketing will also help you learn how to do it but beware of the trap of easy money offered by many of the so called guru’s on affiliate marketing. People will offer you the earth if you just buy their products. If something sounds too good to be true, it usually is!

Affiliate products

One of the best places to find products to promote is as I mentioned earlier, clickbank.com. Find products which are already selling and have a proven track record. Ideally your product will match your style of blog and if you have a particular interest, choose a product which reflects this so you can blog about it easily. Start your blog and get into the habit of blogging daily. Whatever product you choose, it will be useless until you have a good supply of traffic or visitors to your blog. The key to online success is definitely traffic and is not necessarily having the best product/s.

Blogging timescale

Blogging is free but takes time. It is a good idea to start the habit of blogging if money is an issue but if you want things to move faster you will need to pay for advertising. This is an art in itself and takes some time to learn. When I started out I just spent time learning the basics of free advertising by writing articles and blogging.

Learning how to do affiliate marketing successfully takes time and effort. One of the main problems is overwhelm when trying to learn for free. You can spend literally years being distracted by all the many ‘how to programs’ out there and still not get anywhere. Don’t get distracted once you find a path which you can follow. Don’t be tempted by all the promises of easy money.

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Keep at it and never give up!