Careers For Late Bloomers

Looking for careers for late bloomers? It’s never too late to turn your life around. Sometimes life offers you opportunities later in life which you were previously unaware of. Or, you have tried a lot of things and never quite found what you were looking for in life. Does this sound like you? I was a late bloomer and life didn’t feel like it was getting going until I was coming up to 40.

Careers For Late Bloomers

The internet now offers a multitude of careers for late bloomers. Anyone, regardless of experience can now build their own successful online business from scratch. What is great about an internet business is the ability to use tools, software and technology to help you gain more traction and leverage in your business.

The Problem With 9 to 5

I was a late bloomer partly because of my resentment of the standard model of working. It led me to search for a different working model. The one I eventually found is much better than the old model of trading time for money. Trading your time for money is incredibly limited. Your time is finite and you always need to work more to make money, with a traditional working model. I wanted to escape normal jobs and find something like an automated income system.

What I found was a business model known as affiliate marketing. With affiliate marketing you can sell digital products online with automated websites, landing pages and sales pages. You could also use advertising methods to reach a global audience and sell the same products over and over again through the same website. Digital products let you earn commissions from someone else’s creation and earn up to 50% of the sale price.

Online Tools, Systems and Technology

careers for late bloomers

Internet technology has created many more entrepreneurs. People who wanted to escape the old working model and find more freedom: both finanical and time freedom. Online tools and systems can allow anyone to sell products over the internet via emails and websites. You can scale such a business up too once you have a profitable advertising model in place. Simply rinse and repeat accross multiple advertising platforms, sending people to the same website and sales funnel which does all the selling for you.

Late Bloomer Success

So if you’re looking for some late bloomer success you would do well to use the tools available to leverage your income with digital products. With digital products, instead of trading your time for money you can set up systems to work for you, generating sales continually 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. Set up multiple sales strategies and systems from your laptop from anywhere. This kind of sales system has many advantages over the traditional model of trading time for money:

  • You can automated much of the process
  • Create more time freedom
  • The work you do is very flexible and can be done around other employment while your start up
  • You can work from anywhere with a laptop and internet connection
  • The automation involved means you business is very scalable.

So if you’re looking for late bloomer success you can get started with your very own internet business. Much of the process has been made easier for you and you can access ready made sales funnel, landing pages, and easy to setup website here. You will also access all the training you will need to make your online business a success.

Late Bloomer Millionaires

late bloomer millionaires

Many late bloomers had to wait a long time before they had their successes. Not all success stories start early. If you’re looking for careers for late bloomers perhaps your story has to unfold.

Colonel Sanders – The founder of KFC – Kentucky Fried Chicken, didn’t start his fried chicken business until he was in his 60’s. In 1952 KFC became a global brand when Harland Sanders first franchised the name KFC.

JK Rowling – Author of the Harry Potter series of books which became films didn’t achieve success until 1998 when she was 33. The US rights for the books were sold for a massive sum. Before her success as a writer she was a teacher.

Barrak Obama – Earned $4.6 million as an author after he wrote Dreams From My Father as a re-issue. The book was originally published in 1995. He was 43 years old.

Samuel L Jackson – was 43 when he won an award winning role in ‘jungle fever’. Before that he only had bit parts. The role secured his success and he is now of Hollywood’s favourites.

Henry Ford – Was over 40 when he developed the first moving assembly line and mass production line for the model T Ford. This became an affordable car for the masses.

There are many other late bloomer millionaires too, so if you’re looking for careers for late bloomers don’t give up!

Late Bloomer Success Stories

Rodney Dangerfield was 46 when he got his big break on the Ed Sullivan show.

Charles Darwin was 50 when he published On The Origin Of Species

Judi Dench didn’t play a leading role until she was 34 even with a 30 year stint at the Royal Shakespeare Company. It wasn’t until she was in her 60’s that she played James Bond’s boss in Goldeneye in 1995. At 64 she won an oscar for best supporting actress in Shakespeare in Love.

Kathryn Bigalow who directed Point Break and later Hurt Locker gained recognition after Hurt Locker. At 57 she became known as one of America’s top directors.

As you can see there’s plenty of late bloomer success stories and late bloomer success. Many late bloomer millionaires didn’t achieve success easily. On the contrary, they often persevered through a lot of adversity.

Many of life’s failures were people who did not realise how close the were to success when they gave up – Thomas Edison. careers for late bloomers

If you’re looking for careers for late bloomers why not try building your own internet based business. Learn from anywhere – all you need is an internet connection and a laptop.

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