Laptop Career

Are you looking for a laptop career? More people than ever now run a business from their laptops. A laptop business can be run by anyone and new people are learning how daily. So what exactly is a laptop career and how can you learn to run your own laptop business?

Laptop Career

I looked to the internet several years ago as a means to generate a side income. Initially I started by selling things on ebay. You can see more about how I did this with this article: how to buy and sell for profit on ebay. Some of my stuff didn’t sell, and I was spending a lot of time going to the post office weighing items to be sent out. My room was also full of stock. I was spending a lot of time looking for bargains and then selling them again. I decided that there must be a better method.

Laptop Career
Laptop Career – Stuart Ross

I bought several courses on ebay with various business models. At that time you could buy an instantly downloadable product on ebay. The rules have changed since on ebay and you now need to send a physical disc for digital products. However, the idea of selling downloadable digital products stayed with me as a great business model. You can sell digital products on complete autopilot. See autopilot money making system. This meant that you could also scale up and sell multiple items through the same platform or website.

Laptop Career – Affiliate Marketing

The affiliate marketing model offered some of the main characteristics I was looking for in a laptop career. Affiliate marketing also allows you to sell digital products on autopilot by sending visitors to a single website. Benefits of this business model also include:

  • No stock to move personally
  • No stock to hold
  • No dealing with customers
  • You only need a laptop and internet connection
  • You can work anywhere globally

Laptop Career

laptop career

After discovering the model of affiliate marketing I tried various online courses which taught me the basics. I learned how to build websites, generate affiliate links and sell other people’s products online. I also attempted to create my own products  and sell them. Although I had learned many of the “nuts and bolts” and a lot of skills, I was still struggling to make my “laptop career” a viable business. It wasn’t until I found an affiliate marketing coach that things began to change for me.

Before finding personal mentors Stuart and Jay I was attempting various strategies which I learned through various online marketers. I never met any of them however, and many of the systems I attempted simply didn’t work, despite putting months of hard work into them.

Laptop Career – The Right Training and Mentality

Despite having spent a lot of time, years in fact, trying a failing with a internet based business, I decided to start again and assume I knew nothing. I would be the humble student again. I had learned a lot of skills but I still wasn’t making any real money online. Stuart and Jay’s training platform took me through a step by step process which took account of training mentality as well as action steps on the laptop.

Mindset is such an important aspect of an online business because you are in charge. Unless you can be disciplined with your time, it is very easy to get distracted and avoid the important. You can become a ‘busy fool’ online. If this happens you can waste a lot of time and get nowhere. See this article on the top 10 mistakes to avoid when building your own internet business. You also need to set goals and action steps to keep you moving forwards.

Laptop Career – The Right Business Model

laptop career

Finding the right business model for an online business has been a complete game changer for me. Initially I sold one or two affiliate products which gave me a small commission. One of the first products I sold online was for a website building program called Xsitepro. I sold it for $150 and made about 40% which was $60. It was a great moment at the time because it was of one of my first online sales and it came from an article I wrote reviewing the product.

However, it was a short lived success and I didn’t sell another. To make an online business replace your existing income, you would need to sell many of these products every month. If I wanted to make $2000 a month I would need to sell around 34 of these every month.

Selling High Ticket Products

Selling high ticket products is a much better way to use your time on the internet. By selling an item for $2000 at 40% commission I would make $800 – around £600. To make $1800 a month I would only need to sell three of these products every month. In addition, if you choose to sell high ticket products with monthly memberships attached, you can earn monthly commissions in addition to your initial high ticket commission. This type of affiliate selling can be much more viable for the long term than by just selling smaller value items.

laptop career

Laptop Career – Up-Selling

Up-selling is the process of selling further items to existing customers. A single affiliate sale could lead to further sales and monthly commissions. However, if the product you are promoting doesn’t offer commissions on up-sales, you don’t get further commissions from the customer you have referred. Most affiliate companies don’t offer up-sell commissions. Once you have referred the customer to a site like for example, that customer may purchase from Amazon for years to come. But you don’t earn any further commissions.

By choosing affiliate products which offer:

  • High ticket sales,
  • Up-sell commissions,
  • Monthly memberships,
  • A built in sales team,

you are increasing your chances of making a long term affiliate business more sustainable. A built in sales team also means you can benefit from sales you don’t even make personally. So long as you have referred the customer, you still receive the commission. By having a range of products which cater to more people’s needs, you can even promote mastermind courses and memberships ranging up to $20,000 and above. As a partner member you can earn 40% on sales of $20,000, or $8000 in one transaction. Learn more about membership levels in this article: Six Figure Mentors Compensation Plan.

Laptop Career – Start Your Training

You can access this training platform online and get started today. The online platform offers step by step modules which show you how to:

  • Setup your own website
  • Promote high ticket products
  • Generate your own affiliate link
  • Build a list of subscribers
  • Generate Traffic

You will also have access to software such as:

  • Pre-formatted landing pages
  • Plug-ins for you website
  • Email auto- responder
  • Plus much more

Training includes step by step modules, live webinars and live training events which run worldwide. You can also access a community of online affiliate marketers and access help through the digital platform. You will be assigned a SFM consultant to help you work through the basic modules. Access free trial here,click the banner below or learn more about The Six Figure Mentors.

laptop career