Does Kleeneze Really Work?

Does Kleeneze really work? I became a Kleeneze distributor several years ago and worked a ’round’. I was dropping off catalogues and collecting them again with orders. I built up a small round and made a bit of pocket money from it. The real money comes from building a team of distributors, however, and teaching them to do this too.

Does Kleeneze Really Work?  – Network Marketing

Kleeneze is a network marketing business and this is the key to making it work for you. Unless you are prepared to build a team of distributors, you will only make a limited amount with this business model. The multi-level marketing option which this company offers is the real draw for most people who start up in this business. This is what sells the business to those who jump on board and the successful people who have built a team can do very well.

does kleeneze really work

Does Kleeneze Really Work? – Kleeneze vs. Betterware

If all you are looking for is a ‘milk round’ type job then Betterware might be a better option. Betterware doesn’t charge you to join or for catalogues. You get your own ‘patch’ with Betterware which means no overlap from other distributors.

However, Betterware doesn’t offer the mulit-level marketing option which means you can’t make the big earnings which some distributors of Kleeneze can acquire. You can make bonus cheques though if you are one of the top distributors.

Multi-Level Marketing – Not A Pyramid Scheme

A pyramid scheme offers no service or product and encourages people to enlist others based on a promise of payments rather than actual delivery of service or value.

Multi-level marketing is a business model which rewards sales people not only for their own personal sales but also for the sales of those that they have recruited into the business. Multi level marketing allows anyone who wants to join, the ability to build a team and profit from their team’s sales.

I met one guy from Kleeneze who had spent 7 years building a huge team in his Kleeneze business and made £30,000 + a month in royalty cheques from Kleenze. His name was Rob Forster. Here he is on a phone call:

It has to be said that most people don’t make this kind of money from Kleeneze. It takes dedication and years of hard work which most people are simply not prepared  to, or capable of doing. However, it does show that it is possible to make royalties from this company for the sales of your team members and of course of those who they refer into the business.

Does Kleeneze Really Work? – Royalty Payments

It is the ability to make commissions from not only your direct team of distributors (who you have introduced into the Kleeneze business), but also from those members who have been introduced by your team, which makes Kleeneze such an attractive looking business model.

This is why many people join the company, not because they want a catalogue business. In addition, Kleeneze offers multi tier sales commissions. This means that you get paid a percentage from members sales who are several levels beneath your immediate team. If just one of your referred sales people goes on to build a massive team and make huge sales for Kleeneze, you benefit from those sales in the form of a royalty cheque.

Does Kleeneze Work?

Does Kleeneze really work? Like many business models they only work if you do. Kleeneze does work and I even like their products. If I had to choose a catalogue based business to run it would be Kleeneze simply due to the product range. I did sell a lot of products through the company. What I didn’t do was build a huge team and make any royalties.

I simply didn’t have the drive to make Kleeneze my life – which is what is needed to make a success of this business. If you just want a ‘paper round’ type of job you can just work that side of the business and make some extra income. If you want to earn the big money you need to promote the business model and find other business leaders who are looking for such an opportunity.

Many people try and fail in this business but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t work. Just that it wasn’t right for them. If you have the drive and determination to make it work for you for the long term, are thick skinned enough to put catalogues out and sell the business to a lot of people and help them succeed, then it can work for you.

A Different Business Model – An Internet Based Business

When I started Kleeneze some 20 years ago this business model didn’t exist. At the time I was just about getting on to the internet. Today many people are realising that they can run a full time business from their laptops. This is what attracted me to the business model I now use to sell products and services from the internet.

  • No cold calling or chasing customers
  • No dealing with customers
  • No house calls
  • No need to do any ‘selling’ – sales team included!

In addition there are other benefits from owning and running an internet business:

  • Run it from anywhere in the world – completely flexible
  • No stock to hold
  • Earn up to 50% commissions on high ticket products.
  • Earn monthly commissions based on single sales
  • An opportunity to leverage your income and time
  • An opportunity for multi tier commissions

Learn more about starting your own internet based business from scratch here and access the video series.

 does kleeneze really work