Stuffing Envelopes

I looked at the so called stuffing envelopes opportunity a long while back. I was young and dreamed of an easy job without a boss. I looked at lots of opportunities like I thought this one was. I saw the job in a post office window or somewhere. I can’t actually remember where I found it. It said something like £50 for stuffing envelopes. You had to send off and SAE (self addressed envelope) to receive a ‘starter pack’. I can’t fully remember whether I had to send them money or just my self addressed envelope, probably both.

Stuffing Envelopes – Real Or Fake?

My instructions, when the pack arrived were to place adverts like the one which had enticed me in, in the windows of local shops and post offices. I went to a few local shops to place them but the shop owners were not too friendly to the idea. Apparently it was a scam!

stuffing envelopes

I was to collect stamped addressed envelopes from people interested in the same business opportunity, through my advertising! I had to collect a number of people’s self addressed envelopes, wanting information on the envelope stuffing, and then send them off. After doing all that free advertising for them, I would be paid (supposedly).

I realised it was fake and stopped putting up the adverts. I think the idea was I collect 50 more people’s details, advertising the envelope stuffing. So I was enlisting more people without really knowing whether I would even be paid!

I was basiccally advertising for an illegal pyramid scheme. I wasn’t stuffing envelopes at all. I was being asked to advertise with my own time and money for the envelope stuffing opportunity.

Envelope Stuffing Scam

envelope stuffing scam

If you’re looking at an envelope stuffing ‘opportunity’ it is probably a scam. There is even a page dedicated to this on the Federal Trade Commission website. Think about it. Why would someone pay you to fill envelopes? Legitimate companies offering this as a job will have a different approach to the scam version. Firstly if it’s a job offering envelope stuffing you will be likely paid by the hour and for working fast. You will need to apply for the job and you will be able to go to a physical place and call a phone number.

Here’s a few ‘red flags’ which should indicate whether it is legitimate or not:

  • There’s no formal job procedure – Most legitimate jobs require a form to be filled in by the applicant. Here’s the first red flag that it is a scam.
  • There’s no listed company or means of contact - Adverts for envelope stuffing can be anywhere and there’s usually a P.O Box number and no means of contacting them. Here’s your second red flag of a potential scam.
  • Vague promise of money but with no detail as to what to do - The advert is vague and there is no detailed account of what you have to do, your total costs or when or how you will be paid. Here’s anther signal to you that this opportunity is not legitimate.
  • Paying up front for something which you know nothing about – You will be asked for a small fee for processing or as a measure of ‘good faith’. Once you have sent off the money and get your pack you will have been duped! There is no recourse and you don’t know where the company is or who to contact.

Stuffing Envelopes For Money

earn extra cash stuffing envelopes

It is of course entirely possible that legitimate companies will pay people to do this. However, there are very low cost mailing companies which offer this service. If you think it is genuine you should make sure you have a point of contact and know where the business is located. Is there a phone number and someone to talk to. Is there any money to be paid upfront? It is however more likely that this is a scam. Someone is conning you out of your money with an illegal pyramid scheme.

Stuffing envelopes for money is not a lucrative career path, despite what the adverts say. Why would someone pay you so much to do what a low cost company might offer for a mailing service? Technology has also made it possible to automate much of this kind of work, so there is no need for it.

Jobs Stuffing Envelopes

Jobs stuffing envelopes are aimed at people in real need of money and who are desperate. I was one of them. Your need for an income can override your ability to spot these kinds of scams. Desperation means you will look at anything and take a chance, because it is better than doing nothing. Before sending off your application or for a ‘starter pack’ check you’re not being duped. If any of the red flags below look familiar, it is probably fake:

  • No contact address or just a P.O.Box number
  • Vague details of “get paid to stuff envelopes” but nothing more
  • Asking for money up front – as a measure of ‘good faith’ or processing fee
  • Promises of large amounts of money for a menial task

Envelope Stuffing and Email Marketing

envelope stuffing
Envelope Stuffing

Envelope stuffing used to be, and still is to an extent, a great marketing tool. However, the power of email marketing has meant more marketers have shifted their focus to this form. The price of posting marketing material out to thousands of potential customers is far greater than to send out a million emails.

Email marketing has made communication very cheap. It’s free in fact! Sending an email costs nothing and so it is far more cost effective for online marketers to use email, that is it to stuff envelopes with marketing materials, put stamps on them, and post them out physically.

Use this new technology to your advantage and build an internet based business from scratch. Details here.