Entrepreneurs Looking For Partners

Stuart Ross and Jay Kubassek are entrepreneurs looking for partners. Stuart Jay have created a community based online training platform for people looking to escape their regular jobs and become full time online digital entrepreneurs. They run courses around the world for their students, many of whom themselves now run full time online businesses from the internet.entrepreneurs looking for partners

Entrepreneurs Looking For Partners

The training platform runs webinars, training and workshops and has all the tools and technology needed to learn how to run a successful online business from scratch. In addition, as a partner of Stuart and Jay’s company The Six Figure Mentors, you can earn 40% on high ticket (digital experts academy) products ranging up to $20,000. In addition you can earn 10% commissions on tier 2 of the business plan. This means that for members you introduce to the business, you earn 40% of the sale. In addition you can earn commissions of 10% based on their sales. Have a look at the image below for more details. Or see Six Figure Mentors Compensation Plan.

DEA-Compensation-plan (1)

Entrepreneurs Looking For Partners – Other Levels Of Membership

You can also join the Six Figure Mentors at other levels of membership. This will mean you can earn high ticket commissions of $1000+ per sale, if you join as an Elite Member. See Six Figure Mentors Elite Membership. Have a look at the chart below. As you can see, at the basic level of membership your commissions level is much lower. You can still join and promote products but you won’t be eligible to the high ticket commissions.affiliate commissions

Entrepreneurs Looking For Partners – Black Founder Member

As a Black founder member or partner level, you can access the highest levels of commission and take advantage of multi level commissions. By building a team, you can generate income from the sales of your team. To access the Six Figure Mentors and become a partner, simply join through the application process here and upgrade from your account. For more information and to access the video series click here.

entrepreneurs looking for partners
Stuart Ross and Jay Kubassek

Entrepreneurs Looking For Partners – What Is The Six Figure Mentors?

The Six Figure Mentors is an online education platform which teaches how to build an internet business from scratch. Stuart and Jay wanted to build not just an online education platform, but a community of like minded entrepreneurs. With the Six Figure Mentors they have successfully achieved this.

Included in the platform is cutting edge training material, online webinars and step by step modules to teach the process of online marketing. Software available makes the whole process of online marketing much simpler. You have access to landing page building software, tutorials teaching every aspect of marketing, high ticket items to sell, and quick start website building material to get you up and running as fast as possible.

Entrepreneurs Looking For Partners – What Makes SFM Different?


There’s a lot of different programs out there teaching how to build an online business. What makes SFM any different? SFM is different because of its community, worldwide seminars and sales system. Many online business products offer a back office with videos and tutorials. However, SFM offers people and community who help each other. SFM run live workshops and have a physical presence. They aren’t just online behind the cameras.  They show up for their students. Many online companies don’t do this. Often companies just have an automated online platform and nothing much else.

entrepreneurs looking for partners
Me and Jay Kubassek at a training event in London

Sales System

Affiliate marketing is what is taught through the SFM. However, it is different because of their built in sales system. By selling products which are proven and by using a sales system with a formula which works, much of the hard graft of affiliate marketing is removed. This is because the sales structure is different. Rather than trying to sell many $100 products online, the SFM teaches to sell high ticket products. Products also have the following advantages:

  • High ticket sales  mean a larger commissions per sale. This means less sales are needed to make your business grow.
  • Selling memberships means you can make monthly commissions for the life of your member’s active account.
  • Multi-tier products – By selling products with a multi level you can benefit from a built in sales team and high ticket up-sells.
  • Multi-level commissions – This is available at partner level for DEA Black members.

Back Office

Once you gain access to the SFM plaform you will be given a personal SFM consultant. You will have a step by step process to work through in the form of modules which teach you the basics. You can also access the help desk through this platform if you have any problems. The back office provides you with all the training necessary, and access to live workshops and webinars to give the best chance of success.

Access the SFM with the application and create your account today. You can upgrade to any level through the back office once you gain access. Alternatively learn more about Stuart and Jay with their video series here.

entrepreneurs looking for partners
Inside the training platform