If you keep doing what you’ve always done….

There’s a saying that “if you keep doing what you have always done you will keep getting what you have always got!” It is true that we all complain from time to time about our current circumstances but we often forget that it is ourselves who hold us there! We can get up and change our lives if we really want to and if we really believe we can.

The problem is that we are addicted to complaining so much so that it becomes our identity! Think about your conversations. Are they always about how wonderful life is? Probably not. Why not though? We now live in a world which allows us to live in almost anyway we can imagine. The problem is in our own limited thinking we condemn ourselves to a smaller life than that which we are capable of. How many of our friends and relatives would support us if we decided to radically change? We want to be part of a community or a family but often it is our heritage which limits us by this very need.

Who is framing your world to you?

We look to others for advice when perhaps we shouldn’t. Ask yourself who are your top ten influences. Who would you ask for advice about a new venture? It is an odd thing that we always ask the wrong people for advice. Would you ask a fishmonger for advice about your health? Or a doctor for advice about your teeth? But we often ask those closest to us for advice about decisions which could affect our lives which they are not qualified to answer. We trust and believe them because they are the closest people to us and then go on with our nagging doubts and suffer as a consequence. We need to learn to trust ourselves first. Imagine if you asked Richard Branson and your cousin (for example) the same question about starting a new business. How different would the responses be?

How the digital world has changed our opportunities

Because of the internet we now have many more opportunities in life than were possible before. The world is going digital. More money is being spent online on things which were previously unobtainable or very difficult to find. We can now purchase something from the other side of the world and have it delivered to our house with a few clicks of our mouse. We can buy our food shopping online and have it delivered to our house. We can learn new skills from our laptops with online tutorials and talk to people thousands of miles away for free from our home computers or laptops.

Affiliate marketing makes it  a possibility for everyone to capitalize on the digital age by learning just a few new skills. Thousands of people are making a living or an extra income by doing affiliate marketing. It allows the possibility to work from anywhere in the world with an internet connection and a laptop. The lifestyle possibilities are endless and this can be intimidating for anyone used to a particular set of parameters in which to live. Traditional businesses have a set format of a 9-5 Monday to Friday work pattern. But this format is no longer necessary in this new digital age. The power of affiliate marketing means it can match and exceed most people’s expectations as far as income is concerned. The leverage which is possible through internet marketing far outweighs what is possible through traditional methods.

See this video for more information on learning about how to leverage your income through digital marketing.