The Internet Loophole That Can Change Your Life

I was looking for an internet loophole which would mean never having to work for a boss again. I started with eBay, the online auction site, several years ago. It seemed the perfect way to work from home, avoid the commute and not have a boss. I juggled various jobs in the beginning with working from home. I used a clever system to buy and sell from eBay. But it was to lead me to a much better one. You can check the eBay system I used here in my article how to start a profitable eBay business.

The Internet Loophole

Internet loophole

I had found the very system I describe in my article by purchasing an eBook from eBay itself. It struck me as the perfect ‘set it and forget it’ business system. Not the one in my article, the eBook! The one I was using had a few flaws. For starters I was tied to my computer all the time. It wasn’t working smart. I had to continually find new items to sell, list items and answer customers questions. After a few months of doing it, I decided it wasn’t going anywhere.

But the idea of the eBook wouldn’t leave me alone. It stuck with me. It was a simple downloadable product which could be sold over the internet to anyone globally. The seller didn’t need to be there for the transaction to take place, they didn’t need to physically post anything, or answer any questions from customers. It seemed like the perfect business model – the perfect internet loophole!

Stop Trading Time For Money – Internet Loophole

internet loophole

The internet is the perfect medium for selling. What I didn’t know back then was that there was a much better way to earn money on the internet. Starting with the idea of the eBook, I tried to create my own eBooks and sell them to little effect. I bought a number of online business courses which suggested several different ideas for selling other people’s products over the internet.

Despite many attempts to sell my own products, I finally had some success selling other people’s products over the internet. It was a business model known as affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing let’s anyone sell someone else’s products and earn a commission based on the sale. It’s like the initial idea I had of the eBook – you don’t have to be there all the time because automation and the internet does the selling.

This was the internet loophole I was looking for. A way to use the internet to build a business, which could be automated and scaled.

Types Of Online Products

There’s a literally thousands of products you can promote online as an affiliate marketer. Affiliates get paid commissions by referring someone to a product or service on the internet. It’s kind of like a referral marketing where you recommend a restaurant to a friend.

internet loophole

Except if your friend visits the restaurant, you get paid. Online products and services differ. You can promote almost anything you find on the internet as an affiliate. You just need products which offer an affiliate program. By linking to them with your own specific affiliate link, your sales are tracked by the ‘vendor’ (the product owner) and you earn commissions.

You can promote physical products or digital products. However, many affiliates choose digital products because they can pay out 40% commissions on sales. That’s 40% of the sale price of something you don’t even own! The main draw of an online business is its ability to:

  • Scale up globally
  • Be automated

Scaling Globally – Internet Loophole

internet loophole

So, digital products pay their affiliates 40% commissions. But there’s another benefit to selling digital products too. They can also be sold globally. This means you have access to a global business with the model of affiliate marketing.

Scaling up an online business is much easier than scaling a local business. A local business is limited by its area and the people it can reach and serve. An online business doesn’t have this limitation. You can automate tools and strategies with an online business too. You don’t need a physical business premises or any staff either, so the start up costs are much lower.

An online business lets anyone build a scalable digitally based business from scratch, from anywhere in the world! All you need is the internet and a laptop.

Internet Loophole – Stop Trading Time For Money

internet loophole

The internet allows anyone the opportunity to learn how to stop trading time for money. Sadly though most won’t take advantage of this opportunity. It’s not because they can’t do it either. It is mostly because many are stuck in an industrial age mentality. Our thinking is way behind the technology available to us. Unless we can escape the thought processes behind “I must work hard for money”, we won’t harness the available technology to set us free.

Technology exists which can allow us to work smarter and stop trading our time for money. Our main obstacle is ourselves and our beliefs. You still need to work hard with an online business. The difference is that you can also use technology, systems and automation to help run a business 24 hours day, 7 days a week. Once the systems are in place, because they can be automated, scaling up is very realistic.

Internet Loophole – An Online Business System

internet loophole

An online business system which used automation and digital products can give you both time and money. This can be done because of digital products, the internet and automation. With the right business system you can earn commissions on:

  • Subscription products – products with an ongoing value for customers
  • Up-sells – Products which are sold to existing customers
  • Multi-tier products – Commissions earned on sales of your team
  • High Ticket items – Allow you to build with paid advertising and scale up more quickly.

Just like the initial eBook I found, this online business system can be automated and scaled. With the business system detailed above though, you can earn greater commissions than you could ever achieve with a small low valued eBook.