Hypnosis Money Magnet

It is possible to use a kind of “hypnosis money magnet” to train your mind to focus on success. We use self hypnosis all the time without being aware of it. The things we tell ourselves, the television we watch and the continual inner chatter, all contribute the “feeding” of our subconscious mind. Our subconscious mind is aware of everything we say and think, and this is creating our future. By changing what we think, do and say, we can alter the courses of our lives and create a powerful hypnosis money magnet from our minds, if we know how.

Hypnosis Money Magnet – Your Thoughts

Your subconscious mind is listening to all that you say and think, creating the outcomes you most desire and expect. So don’t expect something you don’t desire, and don’t desire something you don’t expect. The two should work together in your life, to create your greatest possible outcome. If these two forces are working against each other, you will confuse your subconscious mind with the contrary and opposing viewpoints. The likely outcome is something in between that which you greatly desire, and what you actually expect.

hypnosis money magnet

Your thoughts are paving your life too. Are your thoughts offering support to yourself, and what you desire, or are they opposing them? By choosing carefully our thoughts, we can create better outcomes than by letting our thoughts run wild and by running old behaviour patterns which no longer serve us.

Napoleon Hill said “Remember what has been said about the unconscious mind resembling a fertile garden spot, in which weeds will grow in abundance, if thoughts of a more creative nature are not sewn therein.”

Controlling Your Thoughts – Hypnosis Money Magnet

So, the first step towards generating a “hypnosis money magnet” is by noticing your thoughts. You can’t change something you don’t measure, so the first step is to start measuring your thoughts simply by noticing them. Only when we become aware of our thoughts, and detach ourselves from them, can be gain more control and step away from the idea that we are our thoughts.

When we let go of attaching ourselves to our thoughts, it gives us more power. When we have power over the thoughts we choose to give power to, we can learn to focus more on the thoughts which empower us, and let go of the thoughts which make us a victim of our circumstances. We can’t control every thought we have all at once. But we can learn to focus more on the thoughts which help us become more aligned with the person we need to be in order to attract more of what we want.

Meditation – Stilling The Mind

hypnosis money magnet

We can start to notice our thoughts by simply sitting quietly and watching. As you sit, you will notice thoughts come into your mind. Don’t attach yourself to them, or engage with them. Simply watch them without giving them any weight. Meditation can be used to gain more understanding of our inner minds. As we do so, we become more powerful because we can choose better and more positive thoughts as a result, and disregard the troublesome thoughts which create more disturbance and unhappiness.

When the mind is still, we have a ‘blank canvas’ to work with when starting any hypnosis money magnet exercises. If your mind is full already of emotions and thoughts, it is much more difficult to “magnetise” your mind for success. Imagine trying to look at the bed of a lake through the surface. If the surface of the water is disturbed by too much activity, you can’t see through it. Only by stilling the water, can you see underneath. Before you start to communicate to your subconscious mind, you first need to ‘still the water’. Otherwise, your existing thoughts and emotions will “muddy the water” and make the exercises less effective. The new messages you are attempting to communicate to your unconscious will be mixed with the old, and this will create confusion.

Hypnosis Money Magnet – Hypnosis For Wealth And Prosperity

Take a look at the video below. In this video Bob Proctor explains how a paradigm keeps you in a certain circumstance based on what you believe. By changing those beliefs you can change your thoughts and actions to create more of what you want. He also shares a powerful money mantra in this video.

Ten minutes into this video, Bob Proctor also shares a powerful affirmation which can help to change your paradigm and turn your subconscious into a powerful attracting force. This exercise is effectively a “hypnosis money magnet”. Here is is:

“I am so happy and grateful now, money comes to me, in increasing amounts, through multiple sources, on an ongoing basis.”

Of course you need to keep doing this every day a number of times and over a long period. I had some great success with this mantra. Think about how your old programming, (which you have done years of), has manifested in your life. For many this is a negative view on themselves or their ability to make money.

What do you currently say about money, work and life in general? One of my old, negative mantras which I picked up was that “life was a struggle”. I created a struggle because I told myself this story on an ongoing basis. By telling yourself a new story, you can program your mind to believe something more beneficial. Program yourself with the mantra above and it will work as a hypnosis money magnet in your life.

Hypnosis Money Magnet – Aligning Your Best Intentions

Everyone is unique and has a unique set of circumstances. This is why a certain mantra might not be the best one for you. You need to design your own unique “story” with which to program your subconscious mind for the best possible results. The problem is we often tell ourselves old stories which no longer serve us. We get in our own way with old, negative ideas of ourselves and of our place in the world.

In Stuart Lichtman’s book How To Get Lots Of Money For Anything Fast, he explains how to use what he calls his Cybernetic Transposition technique. This is a powerful strategy to align all parts of your mind towards your best possible outcome. One of the main problems of goal setting is that we want one thing but then we get in the way of the achievement of it through our own behaviour.

hypnosis money magnet

Stuart Lichtman explains in his book that this is due to inner conflicts without our minds. It explains why we try very hard at something (on the outside) but often will fail at achieving it. The competing parts of our mind doesn’t want change. Or, at least it doesn’t want it enough. By aligning all parts of our subconscious mind to work together, we can create more effective and faster changes, than by simply working harder in the way we always have done. Changing the inner mind, on the other hand, changes your paradigm. If your idea of yourself changes, your outer world can change with far less effort. This is the key to turning your mind into a powerful money magnet, or a magnet for anything you truly desire.

Removing Blockages To Your Success

Focusing your mind on attaining more success and financial abundance is a powerful way to attract more of it into your life. However, you must also remove any blockages to the success you desire. The work in Stuart’s book is in getting clear about what you really want and removing any unconscious blocks to your attaining it. Your unconscious is powerful and there may be a negative payoff for you to fail. This could be safety and a consistent world view. If you have more money how does it affect your relationships? How does it affect the people around you?

Stuart Lichtman

Removing old behaviours can therefore be as important as installing new programming. The exercises in Stuart Lichtman’s book will help you to uncover any hidden unconscious success blockers and get clear about what it is you want, and how you will achieve it.

Hypnosis Money Magnet – Your Self Image

Your self image is already a powerful “magnet”. You attract the things into your life which you either believe you deserve or that you attract through being ‘you’. You don’t necessarily get what you “want”, but you get what you “are”! If you want more money, but your self image can’t picture a life of greater success, it could be your self image is holding you back.

Changing your self image is a major ‘key’ to changing your circumstances. Unless you can change your self image, your circumstances are likely to stay the same. The payoff to not getting what you want is a consistent world view. You get to stay “safe”.

Maxwell Maltz discovered that many of his plastic surgery patients went away from an operation feeling the same as they came in. The surgery didn’t help them in any way on the ‘inside’. His realised that it was their self image which was perpetuating their circumstances. So he offered to help people change their self image before they underwent surgery. In many cases, this removed the need for surgery entirely. When his patients changed their self image successfully, they no longer felt the need for the surgery.

Changing your self image is one of the fastest and best ways to change your circumstances and life for the better. It’s also a powerful “hypnosis money magnet” exercise. You are already “magnetised” to your circumstances and situation by your powerful self image. It is your ‘default’ setting. If you’re struggling to achieve the kind of success you really want in life, it could be because your self image doesn’t allow you to attain the circumstances you truly desire. Change this, and your circumstances will change too. Read Maxwell Maltz’s Psycho cybernetics pdf here.

Hypnosis Money Magnet – You Must Act!

When I watched the film “The Secret” several years ago, I got caught up in the learning process without actually doing. I thought that money would just come to me without me having to do anything! By training your mind to focus on what you want, you will become a powerful attracting force. You will attract ways to manifest your desires. Keep a look out for opportunities that will come up.

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Hypnosis Money Magnet – Action Steps

  • You are a powerful attracting force and are already creating your future, whether you believe it or not. You either attract by deliberate conscious thought, or by default – the unconscious thought patterns which you are accustomed to creating and perpetuating. Becoming more aware of your inner thinking process is a good first step in changing the nature of your continual inner chatter.

“Thoughts become things” 

  • Knowing this should empower you. Notice your thoughts at first and detach some of the power they have over you. Take charge by learning how to meditate and quieten your thinking consciously. Start feeding your unconscious mind more positive thoughts which are in line with what you want to create. Are you counteracting your best intentions with thoughts of self doubt and conflict? Read Napoleon Hill’s Think and Grow Rich.
  • Do the people around you support you and have they got the same focus for their lives? Remember, your income is the average of your 10 closest friends. Associate with those who want to help and support you in your dreams, not those who knock you back and destroy your confidence in yourself.
  • Get Stuart Lichtman’s book and learn how to create your own personal “meta-story”. This is a powerful new story which you will learn how to create through Stuart’s book. In in you will learn to align all parts of the mind to train your mind to focus on what is more important for you personally.
  • Read Maxwell Maltz’s Psycho-cybernetics and develop your self image with the exercises in the book. Changing your self image is a powerful exercise or “hypnosis money magnet” which can dramatically change your circumstances.
  • Access an online business community and learn how to build an online business which can be scaled and automated. Access a 7 day video series here to learn more.

Not A Quick ‘Fix’

Remember, the thoughts you think on a regular basis will eventually form your consistent world view and belief system. It is not enough to sporadically focus your mind on videos like the one above, and think thoughts of wealth and abundance only occasionally. If your old programming is running non stop, an occasional mantra or positive thought will not carry enough intention towards the subconscious mind and it will be counteracted by your other thoughts and “mantras”.

For example, let’s say your current belief system tells you that:

“I’ll never make enough money”

“I’m not good enough”

“Money is the route of all evil”

..or any such limiting belief. If you believe something very negative about money, you can halt your progress with all your positive intentions, mantras and efforts. It’s important to make these old beliefs more conscious, and bring them into your conscious awareness, so you can remove them from your thinking process. If you catch yourself thinking something negative about your circumstances, money, or your own ability, catch yourself and replace the thought with something more positive.

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