Hypnosis For Wealth And Prosperity

Is hypnosis for wealth and prosperity possible? We are constantly “drip feeding” our subconscious minds with information which can either take us towards or away from wealth and prosperity. Our thoughts are sending messages to our subconscious which is either giving us power or making us victims of our current circumstance. By learning to choose more empowering thoughts we can use ‘self’ hypnosis for wealth and prosperity.

Hypnosis For Wealth And Prosperity – Words Have Power

We are already subtly hypnotised by the suggestions from our upbringing and society. Our income can be determined by the average of our 10 closest friends. We often spend time with people who see the world in the same way we do. Choosing our thoughts and words more carefully can bring about a massive change over time.

Napoleon Hill – “Remember what has been said about the subconscious mind resembling a fertile garden spot, in which weeds will grow in abundance if seeds of a more desirable crop are not sewn therein”.

In Napoleon Hill’s book Think and Grow Rich, he says that our words and thoughts are feeding our subconscious mind just as a garden feeds the seeds which grow in it. Unless our thoughts change, our circumstances are likely to remain the same. By watching our thoughts carefully, we can see the foundations of our future lives.

Self Hypnosis For Money Attraction – Self Image

Don’t doubt that you are not under the influence of self hypnosis already. The life you are living is due to the very thoughts and ideas which you have adopted in life as your very own. Learn to become more aware of these thoughts through meditation. Choose your thoughts carefully because they are the “keys” to your future. What do you say about yourself to others? Your self image is a big controlling factor in the life you are able to create. How do you see yourself?

hypnosis for wealth and prosperity

Maxwell Maltz discovered, while working as a plastic surgeon, that many of his clients were unable to improve their lives after surgery. They still had the same self image, even after their corrective surgery. So Maltz started working with their self image first, before they undertook any surgery. He found that many of his clients no longer needed the surgery because the fault wasn’t in their “looks” or body shape. It was a poor self image which was responsible for their difficulties and failures in life. 

Changing your self image is a very effective way to change the circumstances on your life. If you continue to try very hard to create the life you want, but continue to fail, chances are pretty strong that it is down to a negative self image. Checkout Maxwell Maltz’s book Psycho-cybernetics.

Affirmations and Self Hypnosis For Wealth And Abundance

For years I used negative affirmations on myself. I had a very poor self image and low self esteem. I would talk to myself in a very negative way, over and over. No wonder my results in life sucked! Many people do this. If you have a negative inner voice which continually puts you down, instead of lifting your up and empowering you, it’s time to make a change. Changing this inner voice to a more positive one takes time. After all, you may have been doing this for quite some time. Would you talk to anyone else like this? Perhaps not!

hypnosis for wealth and prosperity

If we continually put ourselves down, our chances of creating a life of wealth and abundance are pretty low. After all, would we believe we deserved it if we only thought negatively about ourselves? Probably not!

Meditation For Abundance and Prosperity

Noticing your inner chatter is the first step towards making a corrective change in your self talk. You can do this simply by sitting quietly and watching your thoughts. Don’t engage with them, just observe. Start off doing just 5 minutes at a time. Over time, you’ll find you can do it for longer periods. Once you have done this for some time, you’ll want to start installing some new “software” in place of your old limiting ideas about yourself.

You might have some old negative beliefs about money too. You can be pretty sure that they are blocking the success and wealth in your life. Uncovering these limiting ideas is a major breakthrough. It will give you a huge awareness about what you have been “hypnotised” to believe already regarding money.

Prosperity Hypnosis – Meditation For Money And Prosperity

Stuart Lichtman has written one of the best books I’ve found on this subject. He developed what he called the Cybernetic Transposition technique. This technique allows you to tap into your subconscious mind and make specific instructions so that your unconscious mind will be continually focused on achieving your most important goals. One of the main problems with our goals is that we have competing parts of our minds which want something else. We say we want something specific, but then something else which we want gets in the way.

For example, we say we want to lose weight so we go on a diet and start hitting the gym. However several weeks in we fall back into our unconscious habit patterns where we stay out all night, eat what we want and give up exercise. By training our mind to focus on what we really want, and by aligning all parts of our brain with this goal, we can make more effective steps forwards in a shorter timeframe.

hypnosis for wealth and prosperity

What we really want is the key here, too. We often find a goal which we think we want, but under closer investigation we may find that it’s not really that important to us. Therefore, to pursue it would be a waste of time, since we’re likely to give up when we come up against any difficulties. Getting clear on your goals and aligning all parts of your brain with that idea is what Stuart Lichtman teaches in his book. Get your copy here.

Hypnosis For Wealth And Prosperity – The Right Business Model

We have been programmed by television and the media to believe in some dream, utopian lifestyle. But many of us won’t realise it. For years I continued working in low paid jobs, believing some magical destiny was awaiting me! It wasn’t until I woke up did I realise that it was never going to give me what I wanted from life.

“If you continue to do what you have always done, you’ll continue to get what you’ve always gotten”.

Working for someone else won’t pay you more than a limited monthly income. If you want something more, you’ll need to do something different. If you want to realise more wealth and prosperity, you’ll need to step away from your comfort zones and look for a different business model.

hypnosis for wealth and prosperity

It’s now possible for anyone to start an internet based business and build it up around existing employment to the point where your income grows beyond that of your job. Because an online business is scalable, the income potential is much greater than most jobs where you are trading your time for money. It takes time and effort, of course, but so does a normal job. The difference is that an internet business can be grown and scaled and automated, whereas in a job you’ll always need to keep turning up for work, if you want to get paid.