Best Future Business Ideas

What are the best future business ideas? Well, no one knows exactly what the future holds. But it is possible to glimpse the future based on current trends. Take a look of the graph below. As you can see the rise in digital jobs is set to continue and the trend for traditional jobs has levelled out. Some jobs are being destroyed by automation and although not every sector is effected by this, it’s enough for many to sit up and take notice.


Best Future Business Ideas

The age of digital business is already here. Although you probably don’t know anyone working soley in this sector, it’s a growing business which is fulfilling a need. People want more financial security, time and financial freedom. They want autonomy and the freedom to work for themselves where they want and when they want. The internet can offer this opportunity to anyone because of the digital economy.

Anyone can use this trend to secure their future by learning how to market products on the internet.

best future business ideas

Just look at the evidence of the growth of online businesses. It has meant many high street stores have been forced to close. Supermarkets now offer online shopping and home delivery. Many of the jobs they once

offered have been replaced by automation.The obvious ones are the checkout tills which are now mainly self service, but there’s many more too which are far less obvious. Film rental used to be a booming industry but has now been entirely digitalised. Everything now happens over the internet. Back in 2013 HMV announced 66 store closures. More recently stores are still closing at Glasgow Fort and Silverburn shopping centres in January 2018. The digital economy is the main reason why these shops can’t continue to run. So it’s obvious where much of the economy is heading in the next 20-40 years. 

Best Future Business Ideas – Internet Based

So the best future business ideas are internet based. An internet based business can be worked at from anywhere globally. Anyone can learn to sell digital products over the internet. Don’t have anything to sell? Not a problem. You can earn commissions by selling almost anything over the internet through an affiliate program. Don’t have the skills to do it? Not a problem either. Digital software is making the building of websites, landing pages and the use of technology online much easier and simpler. Anyone can now learn how to build an online business which can completely replace their current income.

Take a look at this video by clicking the image below. Software available online is making the process of building an online business much simpler, even for the technophobe!

best future business ideas

Best Future Business Ideas – Automation & Lifestyle

Lots of businesses have the ability to sell over the internet as a part of their business. Most businesses now know that if they don’t have a website and an online presence, their business will get left behind. But not all businesses are entirely internet based. Most ‘bricks and mortar’ businesses have a solid physical base.

best future business ideas

That’s not necessarily a bad thing but it does mean the owner is tied to their business. An online business allows anyone the ability to work from anywhere without this limitation. They don’t have to build their life around their business. They can build their business around their life!

This is something that only an online business can do – or, at least a business with a certain amount of automation. For most people, building a business which gives them time and location freedom is out of their reach. But an internet business isn’t. An internet business can offer anyone the opportunity to build something which can replace their current income and give them more freedom in their life.

So how is this possible and how does it work?

Best Future Business Ideas – Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is the business model which can allow anyone to sell other people’s products over the internet. By linking to products and services with an affiliate link, anyone can earn commissions based on the sales which come through their personal link. Links are tracked back to the referral and they are awarded the commission for a sale. Affiliate marketing lets anyone build a business out of the digital economy. By recommending certain products and services over the internet, anyone can earn commissions and make sales.

best future business ideas

They don’t need to speak to any customers or deal with any products personally either. The ‘back-end’ of the business is dealt with by the company who owns the products. As an affiliate marketer your concern is driving website traffic and sales to someone else’s product or service.

So why is affiliate marketing one of the best future business ideas? Because it answers a need for so many people. People are scared of unemployment or actually unemployed. People need an income and they need security. Many jobs and businesses don’t offer this. More and more people have multiple incomes and more than one job because either salaried jobs don’t fulfil them or offer them security or both!

“The rules have changed, and they will keep changing. The days of the whole lifetime employment thing … are over — long over.” (Source :

Affiliate Marketing And Work Flexibility

It’s not just millennials who will work hard for something other than a safety net and a regular wage. Many will work much harder than they would in a job, if it meant real financial security and a lifestyle they owned. The internet offers an opportunity for these kind of people.

Although affiliate marketing is performance related, it does offer an opportunity to continue growing and earn more than the minimum wage, for anyone with the desire to improve their lot in life and who is willing to work hard at it. Many people will work several jobs so as to keep their autonomy, rather than work for a single employer. Many would take a pay cut in order to work less hours.

Affiliate marketing offer the ability to work where you want and how you want. It’s not a magic pill but it does offer an alternative which can allow someone to build a business alongside their current job. Once the income from affiliate marketing is equal to that of the job, you can work full time on the internet, and scale and leverage your business with automation.

The need for change and the rise in the digital economy points to the best future business ideas; helping people learn new skills to transition from the traditional economy to the growing digital economy.

Best Future Business Ideas – An Online Business System

Affiliate marketing comes in all different shapes and sizes too. Not all affiliate products are equal. Some products will only pay you 3% commission if you promote them. Would you rather work for 3% or 40%? Digital products allow affiliates to earn 40% commissions on their online sales. This is possible because digital products cost nothing to send or access.

Physical products need to be manufactured each time. Digital products only need to be created once. Physical products cost money to be sent and this places a barrier to many potential customers. Digital products on the other hand can be accessed by anyone from anywhere. All you need is an internet connection and a laptop to buy a digital product.

Best Business Models To Use

Take a look at this article on internet business models and strategies. Not all internet business models are alike as we have just seen. Take a look at Amazon, the biggest affiliate marketing company on the internet. It pays it’s affiliates 10% at the most for products which they sell. After that, they take the customer and you don’t get any commissions for later products which your customer might purchase. There is a cookie policy which allows you to earn commissions based on what they put in their basket after using your affiliate link. (See Amazon affiliate policy here.) However, some affiliate companies allow you to earn 40% commissions and earn later for sales made to your existing customers, even if you don’t personally close the sale.

best future business ideas

Some of the best affiliate marketing business models include:

  • Multi-tier sales – earn commissions from sales made by your team
  • Up-sells – Earn commissions from later sales made to your existing customers.
  • Built in sales team – Refer once and earn ongoing commissions sold by the company
  • High Ticket products – allow you to build faster and scale up more easily with paid ads.
  • Subscription products – let you earn ongoing commissions for memberships or software products which are continually used by the customer.

The best future business ideas will successfully combine digital technology, automation and the ability to scale up to a global audience. They will also take full advantage of the above earning strategies and use digital products which can reach a global audience without the limitations of postage or manufacturing costs. (See also future business ideas 2020.)

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Future Business Ideas 2020

Looking for future business ideas 2020 and beyond? What does the future hold for business? I was looking for an online based business back in 2000 when I stumbled upon what I thought was the future of business. I bought something online and it struck me how simple and efficient the internet was as a sales machine.

If only there was a way to harness this potential and turn it into a business model. The internet offered a means to set up automated sales, and sell to a global audience.

Future Business Ideas 2020

future business ideas 2020

Back then I was working away on eBay trying to buy and sell. I decided the model I was using was too time heavy and that it had no future. I looked elsewhere but remembered that the eBay business model I was using was a strategy I learned after purchasing an eBook from eBay itself.

A simple eBook wasn’t the full story, but it did ignite a spark which never went out! I realised that future business ideas – 2020 and beyond, needed to be automated. Digital products, like the eBook I had purchased from eBay, were automated sales models which catered to a global audience. This was the future because automation meant freedom, and a global audience meant scale.

There was another major benefit to an internet based business. You didn’t need any business premises or staff. This meant costs were really low for a new startup business. Anyone can access the internet too. This meant that it was a business model anyone could use.

The Future Of Business – 2020 and Beyond!

Not to say all businesses can be automated, they can’t. But the internet has changed things. People can converse over the internet which means they don’t need to travel thousands of miles for a business meeting. People can buy things over the internet, and have them delivered to their homes, at a lower cost than in a high street store.

future business ideas 2020

For a home based business too, the internet offers a massive potential. Sell other people’s products with a business model known as affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing lets anyone pick a product from the internet and then promote it for a commission through their own uniquely identifying affiliate link.

After I dropped my eBay strategy, I was looking to automate sales over the internet. I started by creating my own digital products in the form of eBooks. However, I didn’t know what I didn’t know, and was in for a bumpy ride. I didn’t sell any of my own products but soon realised that marketing was my main problem.

Marketing Online Products

What was the future of business 2020 and beyond? What did I need to learn? I threw myself into a number of online training courses, learning everything from website building to online marketing. Over the years, software and technology has made much of what I learned unnecessary!

Website building, for example, is now done through software which lets you put up a website in minutes. I spent years learning it! The main focus of my efforts was selling digital products in the first instance. For me, digital products had a future because you could earn 40% commissions from selling them and you could automate sales and scale up. Click the image below to see how far technology has come and how you can build a website in minutes.

future business ideas 2020

To me, this was the future of business. Future business ideas 2020 and beyond had to have an element of freedom and lifestyle flexibility built in. An internet business had this. You could work as and when you wanted, automate sales and scale up to a global audience.

Future Business Ideas 2020 + Beyond

Automated systems allow the sale of digital products through:

  • Automated advertising online (running 24/7)
  • Websites which run 24/7
  • Automated email delivery systems (auto-responders)
  • Digital products which could be sold and accessed over the internet

future business ideas 2020

Setting up a system like this which offers the end user value is the main problem for many online businesses. Then, finding a suitable audience who will find value in the products and content which you offer. Fortunately, technology and software has taken a massive leap over the last 10 years. Facebook, YouTube and Adwords (Google) can be used to super-target with a laser-like focus, the kind of people who are suitable for your business. You can target people by age, location, interests and search query, among a number of other demographics.

Business Models For The Future

future business models 2020

I initially started advertising low cost digital products. The type you found on for $100. There were a few problems with this. For starters if you sold a $100 product you earned $40 at 40% commission (standard for digital products). This didn’t leave a lot of margin for learning or error – particularly if you were wanting to use paid advertising. If you used content generation to promote these kinds of products online, you struggled to get the traffic to generate a reasonable income.

High ticket items on the other hand, allowed you to use paid advertising and get instant traffic straight to your products. Using an email list allows you to gain more traction too. By building a list of subscribers you extend the period of time from which you can potentially sell to a customer. Sending them straight to a sales page is much more precarious; you would only one chance to sell the product.

I later learned about internet business models after a lot of struggle and hardship. I learned to promote products which offered not only high ticket commissions but also offered:

  • Multi- tier sales
  • Up-sells (commissions for other products sold later from a range)
  • Built in sales team (allow you to focus only on the front end of lead generation)
  • Subscription/Membership products (pay you again and again for single referral)

What’s The Why?

future business models 2020

A business model needs a ‘why?’ Future business ideas 2020 – and beyond should have a ‘why’ too! What should be the main ingredients of a business of the future? What is important to you? Is it the business or your life? Future business ideas 2020 and beyond should be future proof! Many people start businesses only to find later that they’re trapped by their business. They are ‘stuck’ in it without an escape route. A future business should have the ability to be automated in order to make life easier.

What is the use in all of our technology and automated products? They are supposed to make our lives easier. Dishwashers and clothes washers are supposed to free up our time so we can enjoy life more! Shouldn’t the business of the future also offer this?!

The problem is, technology is far ahead of most people’s mentality. We are still fighting inner battles which tell us “life should be hard”, “you must work hard for money”, “You need to work a __ hour week”, etc., etc. The reality is that many people have already used online business systems and tools to automate the sale of digital products and services online.

You can do the same! Learn how you can build an automated business model which runs 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.