Online Education Franchise

Looking for an online education franchise? Buying a franchise is usually an incredibly expensive option – especially a physical franchise. There are rates to pay and costs for rent, employees, advertising and all the rest. However a digital franchise is an option which is better in a lot of ways.

  • You can run it from anywhere globally
  • It is an international company
  • You aren’t restricted to a base
  • Sell products and services internationally
  • Automated process of sales and delivery
  • Much is done for you – see done for you internet business.
  • And it costs a fraction of the price of a physical franchise. Watch this video for more information.

Online Education Franchise

The Six Figure Mentors is an online education platform which offers it’s members the opportunity of partnering with the company at a variety of different levels. This means it’s an online education franchise which is available to almost anyone. Here is a basic overview of the membership levels and what it offers. Commissions__Income_Potential-1


* Please note SFM Application is now $29.95 Apply here.

sfm levels


Becoming a partner with SFM

Partnering with The SFM means you can attend Black level conferences around the world and receive one to one tuition. In addition you can make 40% commissions on the highest level of membership allowing you to make sales of up to $8000 on a single sale. You can also build a team and benefit from your teams sales. Take a look at this chart for more on this:

affiliate commissions

What is a digital franchise?

A ‘digital franchise’ offers the option of selling downloadable products through the internet. This is a form of affiliate marketing –  what is affiliate marketing? Affiliate marketing is simply selling other people’s products online. Usually with a cost of around $100-$200. The affiliate makes around 40% of the cost on each sale. However what if there was a way of selling products online which ranged from $30 to $20,000. Surely that would make more sense? Each sale would be miles more lucrative and you could re-invest back into scaling the business up.

Why affiliate marketing?

Affiliate marketing is a business model which can be scaled up. What this means is that once you have set up a system to sell automated products online you simply increase your advertising or lead generation and send more people through your sales funnel. What is a sales funnel? A sales funnel is basically an automated funnel which has products and services built in. When someone enters their email into your email capture, they enter your sales funnel. They are given products and services automatically which are coded with an affiliate link. Sales generated through your links credit you with the sale and you earn a commission.

Why a franchise in affiliate marketing?

What normal affiliate products don’t give you is high ticket commissions. You can earn $40-$100 for a sale on smaller items or $500 – $5000 and over on higher ticket commissions. For the same amount of work it is obviously better to earn the higher commissions. You are doing the same job to find customers for your $100 product as you are for your $20,000 products. Small franchises for sale seldom come better than this one and you can start earning high ticket commissions at only a basic level of membership. The greater amount you invest, the larger your commissions. You can’t earn the largest commissions of $8000 unless you enter at a franchise level but you can earn $500 on a sale at a much lower level of buy-in. More information here.

Other benefits of affiliate marketing

You don’t need to build your own product as you can promote other people’s products. You can leverage the internet to reach more people than you possibly could on a personal level. You can create more time and financial freedom in your life. One of the benefits of an internet based business is that it is very flexible. You can work anywhere in the world with a laptop and internet connection.

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